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What is Polio?
Inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord. A Virus caused by an acute infection
Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), what is it?
Polio survivors who experince additional weakness and other disabling symptons
What is the etiology of PPS
Not fully understood, but returns 10-40 years after initial onset.
What are the PPS incidence?
250K in the USA are survivors of Polio and 75000 experince PPS symptoms
Incidence increasing due to immigrant pop's from SE Asia and Latin Am
What are the Signs & Symptoms?
MS weakness, Fatigue, Pain, Cold intolerance, "new" breathing disorders, joint/limb/or trunk deformities; nerve entrapment, degenerative arthritis
What are the levels of PPS?
mild to severe incapcities
Which is the most debilitating symptom?
Fatigue, because it is unapparent and teh ability to perform activities is implicated
What is the course/progression?
Weakness gets progressively worse.
Daily activities start to decrease.
How are activities implicated?
Mobility declines: ataxic gait, falls occur and increase,using stairs is difficult, transfers harder to do.
BADLs: Dressing, Bowel & Bladder Mgmnt, Eating (swallowing implicated)
What is the Prognosis for PPS?
Not life threatening unless severe pulmnary or swallowing deficits arise.
What are the Medical Treatments?
Medications: aspirin and anti-steroidal inflammatory meds for paid
Dr recommend health lifestyle and health diet
What are the precautions and contraindications
Not to aggrevate fatigue
What are the OT Goals, Treatment and AE
-Prevent MS fatigue, conserve energy, improve body mechanics
-Strengthen MS, improve endurance,
What can OT do to alliviate pain?
-show proper body mechanics, -support weakened MS
-orthoses may be used to support weakened MS
How can OT strengthen without fatiguing MS?
-Gentle exercises
-long-term strengthening and maintenance through ADL performance
-Guiding and facilitating lifestyle modifications