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What is Acular(Ketorolac tromethamine) used for
anti-inflammatory, analgesic(pain reliever), anti-itching agent, routing seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
what is the dosing regimine
Acular 0.5%
i gt QID PRN itching
What is Acyclovir (zovirax)used for
acyclovir dosing for HSV
acyclovir 400 mg tabs
i tab po 5 x d x 10 d
acyclovir dosing for HZV
acyclovir 800 mg tabs
i tab po 5 x d x 7 d
acyclovir dosing prophylactically for HSV
acyclovir 400 mg tabs
i tab po BID
Alamast use
ocular allergies (esp seasonal before season gets started), takes a while for the mast cell stabalizer to kick in.
dosing for alamast
Alamast ophthalmic soln
10 ml
i gt QID x 1 week then BID x 6 months
homatropine use
a moderately long acting cycloplegia used in management of intraocular inflammation from various causes
homatropine dose
homatropine 5% ophthalmic soln
5 ml
i gt TID
amoxicillin use
treatment of bacteria
amoxicillin dose
amoxicillin 250 mg tabs
i tab po TID x 10 days