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Who was Hiawatha?
- not a real person
- in a legend
- was strong, brave, wise, and a leader
- famous by poet, Longfellow
Potawatomi, Ottawa, Chippewa
- alike in many ways

- called "Three Fires"
Weapons that were used?
- spears

- arrows
Animals in the area?
- bear, elk, deer, beaver, rabbits, squirrels, mastadon
Why did they hunt?
- food

- furs and skins
Which tribes used the Algonquian language?
- Potawatomi

- Ottawa

- Chippewa
What language did the Huron tribe speak?
What were the major crops?
- corn

- squash

- beans

- sunflowers
What other foods did they have?
- rice (grown in shallow lakes)

- berries and wild plants

- maple sap for syrup
What is a fossil?
the print or remains of a plant or animal
Petosky Stone
- state stone

- fossil of coral
hairy animal that looked like an elephant
Tipis (teepees)
- Made of animal skins

- Michigan tribes DID NOT live in them
What was a Longhouse?
- large houses used by the Huron tribe
- large enough for 20 families
- helped to protect Huron from other tribes
Great Manitou
- name of their God
- home on Mackinaw Island
- lived near the middle of the lower Penninsula (near Saginaw)
- were forced out by other tribes
- attacked by 2,000 warriors
What tribe lived in the Upper Penninsula?