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Reframing is also known as...
Reframing definition
to determine how an incident or situation is typically perceived and to offer alternative views or frames of the situations
to modify or restructure the clients perceptions of a difficult situation or behavior
uses of reframing
individuals, family therap
Cognitive Model 3 mechanisms formation and maintenance of disorders
congnitive triad
cognitive distortions
cognitivie triad
clients accumulated thoughts about self, world and experience, and future
cognitive distortions
idiosyncratic views, spontaneous automatic thoughts, positive or negative.
3 traditional schools of thoughts
psychoanalytics, behaviorist, physicalism
other school of thought
concepts of cognitive structure and cognitive propositions

inflexible rules or silent assumptions (beliefs, concepts)
Paradoxical Intention
a cognitive restarting technique, develop by viktor frankl (guy has seizures every day in math class, you tell him to have a seizure before class, therefore he can't and doesn't during math class)
Key: prescription of the symptom challenged gthe clients misconception about having now way to control x, thereby decreasing the anticipatory anxiety that triggered x
Alebert Ellis
Activating event
B1 message and B2 message
C onsequences or feelings resulting form self message at B stage

People think A causes C, but really B's how we think evaluate A so B influence C
D, E of REBT
D isputing arguments you use to attack the irrational self message expressed in B

E answers you have developted to the questions regarding the rationalitly of your B2 self-messages (alternative/B2)
4 C's
catastrophizing (awfulizing)
cant stand ititis (low frustruation tolerance)
Commands (should-ings)
Condemnation (depreciation)
Three musts
Demands about self
Demands about others
Demands about world/life conditions