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I gave them to him
Se los di a el.
She gave them to them
Ella se los dio a ellos.
Give them to me
Don't give them to me
No me los des.
I will explain the idea to her
Se la voy a explicar a ella.
I recognized her but I did not see him
La reconoci a ella pero no lo vi a el.
I will give it to her.
Se lo dare a ella
I find them delightful, but I can't stand him.
A ellas las encuentro encantadoras pero a el no lo aguanto.
Did you write your parents?
Les escribiste a tus padres?
I sent my sister a card.

I sent it to her
Le mande una carta a mi hermana.

Se la mande
I see that you broke your glasses.
Veo que se te rompieron los lentes.
I need 1000 pesos. Will you lend them to me?
Necesito mil pesos. Me los prestas?
I'll give them to you provide that you return them to me next week.
Te los presto con tal de que me los devuelvas la semana que viene.
I'll bring it to you right now.
Se lo traigo ahora.
When are you going to submit the report to the boss?
Cuando le vas a entregar el informe al jefe?