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Gastrointestinal tract infection
diarrhea-rapid release of fluid water stools, Gastroenteritis:watery diarrhea (cramps and nausea), dysentery (blood in stools)
Infectious intestinal infections
Food bourne-poisioning (toxin/pathogen consumed) Food intoxication: consumption of exotoxin
Consumption: Salmonella, Campylobacter, e. Coli
severe diarrhea, RICE WATER STOOLS, Vibrio cholerae
Dysentery and Vomiting, flu symptoms, rare convulsions. Four species cause: S. flexnur, S. sonnei, S. boydei, S. dysenteri
A-B toxin All shiga toxin fatal hemolyhtic uremic syndrome, invade epithelial cells and multiply, move through actin. inflammatory response: pus/blood in feces
E. Coli gastroenteritis
TRAVELER'S DIARRHEA, profuse water diarrhea, severe cramps and bloody diarrhea produce toxins destroy colon cells, toxin cause hemolyti uremic syndrome: kidney failure cause 85% UTI,
short lived and mild salmonella species, S. enterica, Songori, outside of eggs, chicken, strawberries, multiply in phagosome carried in bloodstream cause abscess, septicemia, shock, Typhoid mary: in gall bladder , systemic fever and shock
campylobacter jejuni microaerophilic, unpasteurized milk
Rotaviral Gastroenteritis
affect small children in winter, infects small intestine caused by rotavirus
Norwalk Virus from eating shellfish
dark colored urine and colored feces. Hep A: infected foodhandler, liver site of replication,
B and C thru sex, hepatic failure can pass thru placenta latent
explosive diarrhea. Giardia lamblia. vegetative: trophozite rest: cyst
bulky feces excess gas
chronic diarrhea,Entamoeba histolytica divide in small intestine feed on intestinal mucus and bacteria cause intestinal ulceration blood diarrhea can lead to abcess and carry to other organs