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What are the layers of the GI tract (from deep to superficial)?
1. Mucosa
2. Submucosa
3. Muscularis
4. Serosa
What is the mucosa and how is it structured?
-Mucosa is the inner lining of the GI tract.
-It has 3 layers
a) Epithelium
b) Lamina Propria
c) Muscularis Mucosae
Describe the epithelium layer of the mucosa
-Epithelium = layer that contacts food
- made of strattified squamous epithelium @ each end and columnar epithelium in middle
Describe the lamina propria layer of the mucosa
-Lamina propria = made of areolar connective tissue
-Contains many blood vessels and lymph vessels
Describe the muscularis mucosae layer of the mucosa
-Muscularis mucosae = thin layer of smooth muscle
-Helps mix the food and secretions
What is the submocosa?
-Submucosa =