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normal findings in stool studies
clostridia, enterococci, pseudomona, a few yeasts
normal fat content in stool studies
2-6 g/24 hour
alkaline phosphatase
13-39 U/L
aspartate amino transferase(AST)
5-40 U/L
alanine amino transferase (ALT)
5-35 U/L
LDH (lactate dehydrogenase)
90-220 U/L
total bilirubin
< 1.0 mg/dl
3.5-5.5 g/dl
prothrombin time (PT)
11.5-14 sec or 90-100% of control
partial thromboplastin time (PTT)
25-40 sec
serum amylase
60-180 Somogyi units/ml
serum lipase
1.5 Somogyi units/ml
hormones of the mucosa of the stomach
gastrin, histamine, somatostatin, acetylcholine, gastrin-releasing peptide
hormones of the mucosa of the small intestine
motilin, secretin
stimulus for secretion of gastrin (stomach)
presence of partially digested proteins in the stomach
action of gastrin
stimulates gastric glands to secrete hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen; growth of gastric mucosa
stimulus for secretion of histamine (stomach)
action of histamine
stimulates acid secretion
stimulus of secretion of somatostatin (stomach)
acid in the stomach
action of somatostatin
inhibits acid and pepsinogen secretion and release of gastrin
stimulus for secretion of acetylcholine (stomach)
vagus and local nerves in stomach
action of acetylcholine
stimulates release of pepsinogen and and acid secretion
stimulus for secretion of gastrin-releasing peptide (stomach)
vagus and local nerves in stomach
action of gastrin-releasing peptide
stimulates the release of pepsinogen and acid secretion
stimulus for secretion of motilin (small int)
presence of acid and fat in the duodenum
action of motilin
increase gi motility
stimulus for secretion of secretin (small int)
presence of chyme(acid, partially digested proteins, fats) in the duodenum
action of secretin
stimulates pancreas to secrete alkaline pancreatic juice and liver to secrete bile; decreases gi motility; inhibits gastrin and gastric acid secretion