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What is a tubular passageway for swallowing materials being conducted from the pharynx to the stomach?
What is the esophageal hiatus?
the inferior region of the esophagus connects to the stomach by passing through an opening in the diaphragm (responsible for acid reflex)
Where does the esophagus terminate?
in the abdomen
a bolus in the esophagus can cause what to happen?
cause anterior bulging of the trachealis muscle into the trachea
What is at the superior end of the esophagus?
superior esophageal sphincter
What are the 2 sphincters associated with the esophagus?
upper and lower esophageal sphincter
During the inhalation of air, what closes in the esophagus?
superior esophageal sphincter
What acts as a strong support to prevent materials from regurgitating from the stomach into the esophagus?
The esophageal opening fo the diaphragm
What is a hiatal hernia and what does it contribute to?
a portion of the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm into the thoracic cavity, causes heart burn or reflux esophagitis
What is another name for swallowing?
In order, what are all of the digestive tract sphincters?
Obicularis oris
upper esophageal sphincter
lower esophageal sphincter
pyloric sphincter
ilio ceccal valve
internal and external anal sphincter