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What is the most abundant lipid in the plasma membrane?
What is the Membrane Protein a mixture of?
different proteins which are embedded in the fluid matrix of the lipid bilayer
Where is the membrane protein and lipid synthesized?
ER and Golgi Apparatus
What is selective permeability controlled by?
plasma membrane
Do polar molecules cross the membrane rapidly?
What kind of molecule can pass through the membrane through selective permeability rapidly?
hydrophobic molecules
Define Dynamic Equilibrium.
when solute molecules continue to cross the membrane at equal rates in both directions
Define Osmosis.
movement of water across a semipermeable membrane
Define Tonicity.
ability of a solution to cause a cell to gain or loose water
Define Isotonic Solution.
when 2 solutions have the same concentration
Define hypotonic solution
solution contains more solutes and less water
define hypertonic solution
solution contains more solutes and less water