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What is diffusion?
the movement of molecules form a high concentration to a low concentration
What does it mean when a cell membrane chooses what can come in or out?
it is selectiveley permeable
What is starch broken down to?
What are molecules?
a group of atoms held together by a chemical bond
What causes molecules to vibrate?
heat energy
What does vibrate mean?
Things move back and forth
What is concentration?
how close molecules are to each other
When molecules are close together and crowded it means they are....
(high or low concentration)
high conecntration
What is the term that means the molecules are spread out?
low concentration
What are proteins broken down to?
amino acids
Name 2 large moleclues that won't fit through the pores of cell membrane.
Protein and starch
What is the result of diffusion?
molecules become evenly spread out where there is an equal concentration everywhere. This is called equilibrium
What kind of molecules can fit through the pores of a cell membrane?
only small ones
Name a few small molecules.
amino acids, sugar, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water