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Dizziness, vertigo, impaired or blurred vision, night blindness
Numbness or limbs, stiff joints, tremors, pale complexion
Light and small amount of menses
Pale tongue, thready pulse
Liver blood deficiency
Caused by:
-Spleen and stomach def.
-Chronic illness
-Overuse of tendons
Dizziness, impaired vision, dry eyes
Flushed face or cheeks, dry moutn and throat, five palms, night sweating
Hypochindriac pain
Red tongue with less moisture
Wiry, thready, and rapid pulse
Liver yin deficiency
Caused by:
-Later stage of warm disease
-Kidney yin def.
Dizziness, tinnitus, head and eyes distending pain
Insomnia, dreams irritability
Lower back and knee weakness
Heavy sensation of the head light sensation oft eh feet
Red tongue w/ less moisture
Wiry, thready, rapid pulse
Liver yang upsurge (hypertension)
Caused by:
-Later stage of Liver yin def.
-Emotional irritations
-Elderly people with kidney yin def.
-Too much sex
Hypochondirac, chest, and lower abdominal pain
Distending breasts, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea
Plum pit qi, lump in hypochondrium
Thin white tongue coat, wiry pulse
Liver qi stagnation
Caused by:
-Emotional irritations
-Other pathogens attacking the liver
Dizziness, distending headache. red face and eyes
Hot and pain int he hypochindrium
Insomnia, dream disturbed sleep
-Tinnitus, sudden deafness, bitter taste
Thirst, constipation, vomit blood or nose bleed
Red tongue w/ yellow coat
Wiry rapid pulse
Liver fire blazing
Caused by:
-A fire and heat attack
-A fire of other zang organs
Hot distending pain int eh hypochindrium
Bitter taste, yellow eyes and body
Alternating cold and heat, poor appetite, abdominal distension
Itchy around pubic area, yellow vaginal discharge
Red tongue w/ yellow sticky coat
Wiry rapid or slippery pulse
Damp heat in the liver and gallbladder
Cause by:
-Exterior damp heat
-Too much sweat or greasy food
-Spleen and stomach dysfunction
Cold pain in the lower abdomen
Testicle dropping pain aggravated by cold releived by warm
Cold pain on vertx
Cold limbs and body
Pale tongue w/ white coat
Deep tense or wiry tense pulse
Cold stagnation in the liver meridian
Caused by:
-Attack of pathogenic cold
Timid and apprehension
Distension in chest and hypochondrium, like to sigh
Irritability, palpitation, insomnia, dreams
Dizziness and vertigo
Red tongue w. yellow and sticky coat
Wiry rapid pulse
Phlegm stagnation int he gallbladder
Caused by:
Dizziness, vertigo, and shaking head
Headache, stiff neck, tremor
Difficult to speak, numbness of hand
Unstable walking
Red tongue, wiry thready and forceful pulse
Liver yang turning into wind
Caused by:
-Emotional irritations
-Liver and kidney yin deficiency
High fever, irritability, mania or coma
Convulsion of hand and feet, stiff neck and hard upward fixation of eyes
Deep red tongue, dry and yellow coat
Wiry and rapid pulse
Excess heat turning into wind
Caused by:
-Pathogenic heat damaging the liver and heart in exterior warm disease
Tremors, dizziness, numbness of limbs
Flushed face and cheeks, five palms, night sweats
Red tongue with less coat
Wiry thready and rapid pulse
Yin deficiency turning into wind
Caused by:
-Later stage of warn diseases
-Chronic illness
Tremors, tics, numbness of hands and feet
Dizziness, vertigo, impaired or blurred vision
Pale complexion and nails
Pale tongue and thready pulse
Blood deficiency turning into wind
Caused by:
-Spleen and stomach deficiency
-Chronic diseases