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What is insomnia?
literally means 'no sleep' Can be sleep onset insomnia or early wakening insomnia. Using strictest def of insomnia 5% of pop suffer from it.
Insomnia is a symptom of depression. What is the controversy here?
if insomnia leads to depression or if depression leads to insomnia.
What is the problem with sleep onset insomnia?
if have to get up early next day you never get enough sleep - build up of sleep debt. They try to catch up on weekend which makes it harder to get to sleep on Sun night.
What is the Monday blues?
When one has tried to catch up on sleep over weekend and as a result has had even worse trouble getting to sleep Sun night. VERY tired on Monday. Highest day for male suicides.
So what exactly is sleep onset insomnia?
where the person becomes phase delayed by 2-3hrs compared to normal individuals.
Why does sleep onset insomnia happen?
because the person is trying to go to sleep during their sleep forbidden zone. Therefore they have large sleep onset latency. This leads to anxiety, which can become associated with the bedroom environment.
What is early wakening insomnia?
Where there is a phase advance of the circ rhythm. Again, it perpetuates itself. Some elderly suffer from this.
What is the aim of treatment for sleep onset insomnia and early awakening insomnia?
To retime the core body temp ryhtm to be more in line with what is normal.
What are some ways to do this?
Timed light exposure
aerobic exercise
Hypnotic drugs
How is time light therapy used for early morning awakening insomniacs?
a pulse of light (30-60mins)of the right intensity must be given BEFORE the Tmin. This will phase delay the core body temp so that the person will be able to sleep longer.