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Vitamin A & Carotenoids are important for...
Fat Soluble (ADEK)

Important for Anti-oxidant function and in Vision.
Preformed Vitamin A source....

Provitamin A carotenoid source...
Preformed Vitamin A: animals

Provitamin A carotenoid: green veggies.
Problems with too much
Vitamin A
Birth Defects, Liver Abnormalities, Reduced Bone Minerals
Vitamin B6
Pyridoxine, water soluble.

Important for RBC & Immune support.

Fortified in cereals.
Vitamin B12
Cyanocobalmin (has colbalt).

Important in Nerve Cells and RBCs.

AE: Decreased adsorption with Antiacid Medications (Proton Pump Inhibitors)
Water Soluble Vitamin B.

Found in Green Leafy Vegetables.

Important in DNA/RNA synthesis.
Folic Acid supplements can correct ______ associated with ____ deficiency, but will not correct changes in the _____ from a _____ deficiency.
Folic Acid supplements can correct anemia associated with B12 deficiency, but will not correct changes in the CNS from a B12 deficiency.
Vitamin C
Antioxidant Activity.

Antihypertensive, Antviral, Immunomodulant.

AE: Oxalate Stones (Kidney/Bladder)
Vitamin D
Fat Soluble (ADEK)

Found in Food and UV.

Liver and kidney help convert to active form: 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D which increases intestinal absorption of Calcium.
Vitamin E
Alpha Tocopheral Acetate

Powerful Antioxidant
Know that it is poorly absorbed.
Essential to life, used in Hemoglobin or RBCs.

Heme Iron: animal source (better absorbed).

Nonheme Iron in plants.

Keep Iron away from kids.
Healthy Immune System