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good sources of Vit E:
-wheat germ oil
-sunflower seeds
-peanut butter, hazel/peanuts,
-kiwi, spinach
What's bad about Vit E Supplements?
Synthetics have 1/2 the potency of natural.
Good sources of Vit K:
-Kale, spinach, collard greens
-Broccli/brussel sprouts
-canola and soybean oil
Who needs the most vit C?
Which form of dietary Vit A is most efficently converted to retinol?
What foods contain preformed Vitamin A?
Animal foods - eggs, milk, liver, cheese
What foods contain provitamin A?
Darkly colored fruits and veggies
What is provitamin A?
What does vitamin A Deficiency cause?
What causes vitamin A Toxicity, and what symptoms will show it?
-Consumption of Preformed Vit A
-Yellow skin
What other nutritional needs affect Vit A metabolism?
-Zinc/protein - for RBP
-Iron - for absorption
What adverse effects does Vit A have?
Fetal development - retinoids / Accutane can cause birth defect
What is the most active form of Vitamin D?
What food sources contain Vit D?
-Cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, sardines
How do Vit D needs change with age?
They increase
What population has the highest rate of Vit D deficiency?
African american women
What aids in calcium absorption?
Vitamin D
What factors affect calcium absorption?
-Vit D
-Plant substances
What factors affect calcium excretion?
What are good Vit C sources?
-Strawberries, oranges
-Red peppers!
What affects vit c in foods?
-Food prep
-storage length
What are the 2 dietary forms of IRON?
Who needs the most iron?
Females young and pregnant
What foods are high in heme?
-Chicken liver
-Beef, poultry, pork, etc.
What type of iron is in meat?
What do breads and other iron sources contain?
Nonheme iron
What factors affect iron absorption?
-Storage levels
-Whether it's heme or non
-Vitamin C
-Tannins, Ca, soy protein
What foods contain Thiamine?
Lentils, peas, brown rice, pork, brazil nuts
What prevents birth defects?
What prevents fractures in postmenopausal women?
Calcium + Vit D
What vitamin prevents or slows macular degeneration?
Beta carotene, Vitamins C/E, and Zinc
What vitamin should people over 50 yrs just get automatically?
Cobalamin - B12
What are the BMI ranges?
>/=30 is obese
25-29.9 is Overweight
Under 25 is healthy
What waist circumference indicates obesity in men/women?
Men: if 40 in. or more
Women: if 35 in. or more
Difference between Calcium citrate and carbonate:
Carbonate doesn't require stomach acid for absorption.