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1. a son of Celeus and Meranira of Eleusis. Changed into a lizard by Demeter for mocking her.
2. A famous centaur, skilled in hunting.
3. A Greek killed by Aeneas during the Trojan War.
4. A companion of Aneas, killed in Italy
5. a son of Posiedon
Armor bearer for Heracles, torm to pieces vy the mares of Diomedes.
son of Aeetes, king of Colchis, and Idya. Killed by his sister Medea after she and Jason had seized the golden fleece.
City in Asia Minor. The home of Leander, the lover of Hero, who lived in Sestos (Sestus) across the Hellespont.
Academe or Academia
the grove near ancient Athens where Plato taught.
1. A son of Antenor. (Illiad)
2. A captain of Thracians, allies of the Trojans in the Trojan war, killed by Telamonian Ajax
3. A son of Theseus and Phaedra. With Diomedes, he went to Troy to demand that Helen be returned to her husband , Menelaus of Sparta, after her elopement with Paris. In Troy, Acamas fell in love with Laodice, a daughter of King Priam.
a nymph loved by Apollo. Changed into a flower. (Acanthus)
Son of Alcmaeon and Callirrhoe. Zeus answered his mother's prayer that he grow to manhood in a single day to avenge the murder of his father.
Argonaut, son of Pelias, brother of Aclestis; killed by Peleus
Acca Laurentia
Wife of Faustulus, the shepherd of King Numitor's Flocks; nurse of Remus and Romulus
Acerbas or Sichaeus
Priest of Heracles at Tyer. Married Dido before she founded Carthage.
a surname of Apollo. The word means unshorn.
Used as a surname of Apollo in Wlis and Attica as god of medicine. The word means healer.
Son of a Sicilian river god. Assisted Priam in the Trojan War, after which he settled near Mt. Eryx in Sicily, where he entertained Aneas during his voyage to Italy. Helped bury Aeneas' father Anchises on mt. Eryz. Won archery contest at the funeral games in honor of Anchises
a woman whose children were torchbears in the festivals of Demeter.
Acetes or Acotes
1. A Lydian sailor, pilot of a ship whose crew found Dionysus asleep, kidnapped him and carried him away. All but this man was turned into sea creatures. 2. An attendent of Evander.
1. An ancient province in hte Peloponesus. 2. A name of Pallas.
1. With the Aeolians, Dorians, and Ionians, the principal peoples of ancient Greece. Since the Trojan War probably took place during the period of their greatest power, Homer often called the Greeks by this name
The Acharnians
a comedy by Aristophanes
A faithful companion and friend who accompanied Aeneas from Troy to Italy.
A patronymic of the sirens, daughters of Achelous, a river god
The oldest of three thousand sons of Oceanus and Tethys. Worshiped as a river god throughout Greece. According to some legends he was the son of Sol by Terra. he was the father of the first three sirens (Leucosia, Ligeia, Parthenope); some legends say that Calliope was their mother, others that they were daughters of Terpsichore. Famous for his contests with Heracles for the hand of Deianira.
A Greek who fought at Troy, sailed for home with Odysseus, and was marooned at the cave of Polythemus. When Aeneas stopped at the island of Polythemus in Sicily, Achemenides warned him of many giants and begged Aeneas to take him away.
One of the five rivers in Hades, the river of woe across which Charon ferried the dead.
First three sirens.
Leucosia, Ligeia, Parthenope
Rivers of Hades
Acheron- woe
Cocytus- wailing
Lethe- forgetfulness
Phlegethon- fire
Styx- gods sealed oath
Achilleis or Achilleid
Epic poem about Achilles by Statius. The poem is unfinished; only the first book and part of the second remain
Son of Peleus and the sea goddess Thetis, educated by Chiron the centaur. Fater of Neoptoleus (Pyrrhus), greatest Greek warrior of the Trojan War. Killed Hector, the greatest Trojan warrior. Slain by Paris. Central figure in Illiad. Appears many times in the Aeneid.
A surname of Aphrodite, from a fountain in Boeotia, sacred to her , in which she bathed with the three graces
Son of Faunus. Passionately loved Galatea. His rival, Polythemus, crushed him to death by a rock. The gods changed him into a stream which rises from Mt. Aetna.