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What are some cndx that elad to DIC
Incompatible blood transfusion
2 broad categorical manifestations of DIC
Bleeding and thromosis
Bleeding caused by what pathophysiological process in DIC
Fibrinolysis and depletion of clotting factors and Plt's
Thrombosis/ischemic S&S caused by what pathophysiological process
Systemic release of prothrombotic mediators leading to clot formation
DIC summarized
Accelerated clotting in microcirculation=excess thrombin>excess conversion fibrinogen to fribrin>

Above process increases bleed risk by>concuming large amt's of coag factos such as thrombin, Plt's and factor V and VII
What may be first indicator of DIC
Usually asymptomatic initially with only indic being a drop in Plt cnt.

As process b/c's more progressive S&S of thrombosis may occur

Finally as thrombin and plt's are consumed, bleeding begines ot occur
What labs decrease in DIC
Plt cnt
All rest Inc including
PT, PTT, thrombin time, D-dimer, FDP/FSP
List three (3) blood products that may be administered to a patient experiencing DIC and state their purpose.
-Plt’s-correct thrombocytopenia
-Cryoprecipitate-replaces factors V, VII and fibrinogen
-FFP-Replaces all clotting factors except Plt’s and provides source of antithrombin
Rationale behind admin of Plt's in DIC
Cirrect thrombocytopenia
Rationale behind admin of cryoprecipitate
Replaces factors V, VII and fibrinogen
Rationale behind admin of FFP in DIC
Replaces all clotting factors (except Plt's) and provides source of antithrobmin
When might Heparin be admin'd in DIC
Controversial, reserved for pt's in whom thrombotic Sx's predominate OR when blood products fail to halt hemorrhage
How id effectiveness of Heparin therapy measured in DIC
Normalization of plasma fibrinogen AND diminished Sx's of bleeding
This Rx may be admin in DIC when manifestations of sepsis are ID'd
What is Xigris
Activated protein C
How does Xigris work
Slows dvp of clotting r/t septic process