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what drugs induce diarrhea?
broad spectrum antibiotics,
misoprostol (NSAID),
olsalazine (tx ulcerative colitis),
antineoplasticagents, colchicine (tx gout)
what is the BRAT diet?
bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast
what is fontanelle?
it is a more serious indication of dehydration found on babies, it is the depression of soft spots on their heads
what is loperamide and what is it used for?
its brand name is Imodium and it is used for acute diarrhea and some cases of chronic diarrhea that is not associated with bloody stools
what are the side effects of loperamide?
side effects are rare, excessive use may cause constipation, may potentiate other CNS depressants
what are the adsorbents used for diarrhea which are currently not available in the U.S.?
attapulgite (traces of lead), kaolin, and pectin (fruit skins)- non specific action to adsorb fluid, bacteria, enzymes, toxins, nutrients
what are the SEs of adsorbents?
attapulgite, kaolin, and pectin may cause constipation and bloating
what are the drug interactions of adsorbents?
attapulgite, kaolin, and pectin will adsorb everything present in gut including drugs, will decrease adsorption of Rx drugs
what type of laxative may be helpful in controlling diarrhea, because they they absorb liquid which may be useful in controlling watery diarrhea?
bulk laxatives
what is bismuth subsalicylate?
it is Kao-pectate/Pepto-bismol
it is an antacid, antidiarrheal agent, may be antesecretory also
it is a salicylate
dark or black stools and sometimes tongue due to bismuth content, same drug interactions as ASA
NOT reccomended for children under 2