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What is diagnosis?
it is the identification and understanding of a communication disorder
define An assessment or evaluation?
process of getting to a diagnosis
What is intervention or treatment?
minimize or reduce or treat the effects of a disorder
What is a synonym for diagnostic treatment
dynamic assessment
What does static assessment do?
it assesses the here and now
What are the Purposes of an assessment
to determine the existence of a disorder. to determine the etiology of the disorder. to provide clinician focus. measure progress. Determine prognosis
What are The are 4 areas of communication
language /voice/ articulation/fluency
Define prognosis
being able to tell what will happen down the road.. how much will they improve and how fast
What are the two different sources used to gather information
clinician and info gathered from the diagnostic test
What is the difference between formal and informal testing
one is published and one not .. informal is NOT published
What is a norm-referenced test
test was given to a lot of people and then came up with figures to support where the general population should fall (the normal range)
What is criterion-referenced
this is a test that is looking to let you know what skills a person has, or does not have assess skill level.
Define Sample
a group of some things or some people
Define Population
small or large (everyone in the us of a particular age)
Define a derived score
something that has been converted into something else
Mean and sd of a zscore test
zero and sd=1
Mean and sd of a tscore test
mean =50 and sd =10
Mean and sd of a quantitative test
mean =100 and sd=15
Types of information gathered during an assessment
case history Prior tests and reports interview observation informal test formal test