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If dermatophyte fungal infection is suspected, what test should be preformed?
Potassium hydroxide (KOH) wet mount.
What would you expect to see if the KOH is positive?
Branching Hyphae
What organism would you expect to find reom a specimen collected from a child w/honey colored crusted vesicles on the face?
(impetigo) staph or strep
What is acid fast bacillia cultrue/stain used to identify?
Organisms of the genus Mycobacterium.
(TB of the skin)
What expensive test could be ordered to identify Herpes simplex, zoster or varicella?
Tzanck smear or tzanck test.
How would you prepare a Tzanck smear?
Unroof the vesicle, scrape the lesion, smear on the appropriate slide & let air dry.
Explain what a Tzanck smear is;
Giemsa & Wright stains are used to identify giant epithelial & multinucleated giant cells found in Herpes family dzs.
What is the most frequently isolated virus?
Herpes Simplex
What to remember about collecting viral culture?
Virus' are fragile, transport to the lab ASAP, don't use wooden aplicators w/cotton swabs.
Does tinea capitis flourese under the wood's lamp?
not usually
What is diascopy?
Pressing a slide against a lesion to see if it blanches w/pressure. If so it is usually due to dilated capillaries.
When doing a punch biopsy which layers of the dermis should you collect?
What lesion is a wedge biopsy usually done on?
When doing a wedge biopsy what is removed?
A large wedge of tissue down to the subQ layer.
Where do you send a wedge biopsy?
1/2 to pathology/histology
1/2 for bacterial & mycotic culture.