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what are some common complications of musculoskeletal injuries?
ARDS (fat embolism), DVT, Atelectasis, ectopic bone formation, nerve compression, osteomyelitis
in what type of bone would you be most likely to have an "impacted bone fracture"
MC in metaphyseal bone
what are the 5 MC types of closed reduction manuvers?
Stimson, Mitch, Hippocratic, traction/counteraction, scapular manipulation
most common type of glenohumeral dislocation?
name two common types of complications with recurrent dislocations of the anterior glenohumeral ?
bankhart lesion, hill-sachs deformity
what are the two main divisions of the neer classification system and what fracture is it used for?
proximal humerous fractures:
-non displaced
-displaced 2/3/4 part fx
what is the MC MOI of the proximal humerous fx?
what is the unhappy triad?
the 3 MC injuries to the knee usually due to a lateral blow to the knee in sports: 1) ACL 2)MCL 3)medial meniscus
name the fx of the mid or proximal ulna with anterior dislocation of the radial head. MOI; forceful pronation of direct blow to dorsum of ulna
monteggia fx
an injury pattern in volving a radial shaft fracture with associated dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) which disrupts the forearm axis joint
galeazzi fx/dislocation
characterized by dissociation b/t diaphysis and condyles of distal numerus, frequently extended distally and involves articular surface
distal humerous fx
silver fork deformity. extra-articular fx with dorsal angulation
colles fx