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Toxocara Canis
Location:Sm. intestine
Prepatent period: 3-5 weeks
Diagnostic stage: dark brown, thick-walled egg, w/a pitted eggshell: sng. celled.
Test: Fecal floatation
Method of infection: Ingestion of inf. egg, Paratenic host, Transplacentally, transmammary, ingestion of larvae in bitch's feces
Clinical Signs: Poor growth, emaciation, intestinal blockkage, vomiting, diarrhea, death
Control: remove feces from environment
Ancylostoma Caninum
Location: Small Intestine
Prepatent period: 2-3 weeks
Diagnostic stage: clear, smooth, thin-walled hookworm egg
Test: Fecal flotation
Method of infection: skin penetration, ingestion of infective larvae, Transmammary, Paratenic host, Larval'leak', Transplacentally
Clinical signs: Anemia, weakness, melena
Uncinaria Stenocephala
Location: Small Intestines
Prepatent period: 2 weeks
Diagnostic stage: Hookworm egg
Test: Fecal flotation
Method of infection: Ingestion of infective larvae, Skin penetration (not likely)
Clinical signs: Usually no obvious clinical signs, In heavy infection in dogs, hypoproteinemia, dehydration, weeakness
Control: Remove feces from environment
Trichuris Vulpis
Location: Lg. intestine
Prepatent period: 3 months
Diagnostic stage: Smooth, amber, thick-walled, barrel-shaped egg w/bipolar plugs: sng.-celled
Test: Fecal flotation
Method of infection: Ingestion of infective egg
Clinical signs: In heavy infection, severe watery diarrhea, hematochezia (frank blood in feces) leading to rapid dehydration and death
Control: Remove from environment
Eucoleus Bohmi
Location: Nasal sinuses
Prepatent period: Unknown
Diagnostic stage: Smooth, yellow-brown,thick-walled egg w/striated shell, and asymmetric bipolar plugs: sng.-celled
Test:Fecal flotation
Method of infection:Ingestion of infective egg
Clinical signs:Upper respiratory signs, sneezing and nasl discharge
Control: Remove from environment
Filaroides spp.
Location: Lungs
Prepatent period: 5-10 weeks
Diagnostic stage: L1 w/S shaped tail lacking a dorsal spine: esophagus 3rd of length of body
Test: Fecal flotation, Baermann
Method of infection: Paratenic host, ingestion of infective egg
Clinical signs: Chronic coughing
Crenosoma spp.
Location: Lungs
Prepatent period: 19-21 days
Diagnostic stage: L1 w/a straight, pointed tail: esophagus 3rd of length of body
Test: Baermann
Method of infection: Ingestion of infected snails
Clinical signs: coughing
Spirocerca Lupi
Location: Esophagus
Prepatent period:5-6 months
Diagnostic stage: Clear, smooth, thick-walled, paperclip-shaped, larvated egg
Test: Flotation
Method of infection: Ingetion of intermediate host (dung beetle), ingetion of paratenic host
Clinical signs: vomit, dysphagia, weight loss, sudden death, Most infections not diagnosed until necropsy
Control: In endemic areas, dogs should be prevented from eating dung, beetles, frogs, mice, & lizards and should not be fed raw chicken scraps
Dirofilaria immitis
Location: Heart
Prepatent period: 6-8 months
Diagnostic stage: Microfilaria (L1) lacks an esophagus
Test: Modified Knott's millipore filtration, ELISA, antigen test
Method of infection: Trsmission from infective mosquitoe bites, transplacental infection of microfilariae only
Clinical signs: Lethargy, exercise intolerance, signs referable to rt.-sided cardiac enlargement
Control:Use of preventatives, reduce exposure to mosquitoes and endemic areas
Dipetalonema reconditum
Location: Subcutaneous
Prepatent period:9 weeks
Diagnostic stage:Microfilaria
Test:Modified Knott's tissue millipore filtration
Method of infection:Transmission from infective flea bites, Ingestion of flea
Clinical signs:Considered to be none pathogenic, microfilariae may cause problems in kidney tubules
Control:Control flea population
Dioctophyma renale
Prepatent period:5 months
Diagnostic stage:Dark brown, thick-walled, barrel-shaped egg w/a pitted shell and an operculum at each pole: sng.-celled zygote
Test:Sedementatioof urine
Method of infection: Ingestion of intermediate host (annelid worm), ingestion of paratenic host
(i.e.,fish and green frogs)
Clinical signs:May be none, Vague abdominal pain after kidney rupture, Adult worms often found in abdominal cavity at surgery
Control:Surgical removal nephrectomy if in the kidney
Dracunculus insignis
Location:Subcutaneous tissue
Prepatent period:309-410 days
Diagnostic stage:Comma-shaped larva w/an esophagus and a straight tail
Test:Direct smear of fluid in blister
Method of infection:Ingestion of paraenic host
Clinical signs:Pea-sized blister on legs, elbows, and axillary area, break open, Adult worms coiled in SQ tissue
Control:Surgical removal
Toxocara cati
Location:Small intestines
Prepatent period:8 weeks
Diagnostic stage:Dark-brown, thick-walled, pitted egg; sng-celled zygote
Test:fecal flotation
Method of infection:Ingestion of infective eggs, Transmammary, Ingestion paratenic host
Clinical signs:
Location:Small intestine
Prepatent period:3 weeks
Diagnostic stage:Hookworm egg
Test:Fecal flotation
Method of infection:Skin penetration, Ingestion of infective larvae, Transmammary infection
Clinical signs:Anemia, emaciation,weakness, melena, death
Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
Location:Bronchioles alveoli
Prepatent period:4-6 weeks
Diagnostic stage:L1 w/S-shaped tail and a dorsal spine, esophagus 1/4 the length of body
Method of infection:Ingestion of infected snail, ingestion of paratenic host
Clinical signs:Usually asymptomatic, may see chronic coughing
platynosomum fastosum
Prepatent period:8-12 weeks
Diagnostic stage:Dark amber, oval,operculated egg containing a miracidium
Test:Sedimentation of feces
Method of infection:Ingestion of intermediate host (snail), Ingestio of paratenic host
Clinical signs:Severe infections characterized by anorexia, persistent vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, death