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Dissociative Amnesia
-sudden inability to remember imp. personal info,
usually of a stressful, traumatic nature
-too extensive to be ordinary forgetfulness
-gaps in person's life history
-usually full memory recovery
Dissociative Fugue
-abrupt, unanticipated travel away from home or work
-inability to remember some or all of one's past
-confusion about personal identity or adoption of new identity
-appears during wartime or after natural disaster
Dissociative Identity Disorder
-most severe dissociative disorder
-existence in one person of at least two diff. identities
-inability to recall essential personal information, beyond forgetfullness
-assoc. w/ severe childhood trauma
Depersonalization Disorder
-persistent or repeated episodes of depersonalization
-causes sig distress or impairment
-sense of estrangement from one's self
-feelings of unreality
dreamlike states
-reality testing intact
Dissociative Disorder NOS
-does not meet criteria for any specific Diss. Disorder
-ex. Ganser's Syndrome- "syndrome of approximate answers" seen in prisoners
-may be assoc w/ hallucinations, disorientation, amnesia or lack of insight.