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What does a tongue with a putrid coating mean?
Phlegm or food retention.
What does a tongue with a greasy coating mean?
Phlegm or food retention
What kind of coating looks like the residue of making soy bean curds piling on the tongue & is easy to scrape off?
Putrid coating
What kind of tongue coating is made of fine particles and is difficult to scrape off?
Greasy coating
Gray coating comes from what?
yellow coating
Gray coating without moisture indicates what?
interior heat
Gray coating with moisture indicates what?
interior cold
What does black tongue coating indicate?
Severe pain
Where does black tongue coating come from?
Gray coating
A tongue with black coating and no moisture indicates?
interior extreme heat
A black tongue with moisture indicates ?
Interior extreme cold
A tongue that has teeth marks on the lateral sides indicates?
internal cold dampness, spell deficiency (spleen qi deficiency) or a normal deficiency
A stiff tongue indicates?
Heat, phlegm, and liver wind (indigenous or leeward).

Very serious!
A tongue that is blue without any red color is called a
Buffalo tongue
A buffalo tongue indicates the patient has
cold & blood stasis
the 4 Phases of warm Diseases are:
Wei face; Qi face; Ying face; Xue face
Which phase of warm diseases reflects the initial stage of warm disease; chills & fever plus heat, thin yellow coat in on the tongue?
Wei face
Which phase of warm diseases has symptoms that include: fever is worse at night, abnormal mental activities, a dim rash, and a crimson tongue?
Ying face
Clinical symptoms for Qi face are?
Excess heat; 4 BIGS
Clinical symptoms for Xue face are?
blood; obvious rash; bleeding; convulsions / tremors