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wheezing, breathlessness, feeling of fullness in chest, oppression of chest, cough, scanty phlegm, difficult to expectorate, bluish white complexion, feeling of cold, desire for warm drink, white and sticky coating, stringy and tight or superficial and tight
Wheezing caused by cold
**she gan ma huang tang
LU-5, LU-7, UB-12/13, Ren-22, Ren-17, KD-24
wheezing with loud noise, breathlessness, distended chest, cough, yellow and sticky sputum that is hard to expectorate, irritability, sweating, red face, bitter taste, thirst, feeling of heat, red tongue, yellow and sticky coating, stingy and slippery or slippery and rapid pulse
Wheezing caused by heat
**Ding chaun tang
LU-5, LU-7, LU-9, LI-11, UB-12/13, ST-40, Ren-22/17
breathlessness, low voice, coughing with clear sputum, pale complexion, sweating easily, acersion to wind, easy to catch cold, wheezing often triggered by weather changes, sneezing before wheezing, running nose with clear nasal discharge, pale tongue with white coating, thready and weak pulse and large pulse
Wheezing and breathlessness caused by lung deficiency
yu ping feng san
Lu-1, Lu-7, LU-9, LI-6, Ren-4/6, Ren-17, UB-13/43,
slight wheezing with low sounds, fatigue, history of phlegm, poor appetite, loose stool, or easy to get diarrhea when eating greasy food, intolerance to certain foods, shortness of breath, dislike of speaking, desire to lie down, pale tongue, white and slipper coating, thready and soft pulse.
Wheezing caused by spleen deficiency
liu jin zi tang ( 6 gentlemen)
SP-6, ST-36, ST-40, Ren-4/6, Ding chaun, UB-43, UB-13, LU-9, UB-20
shortness of breath, slight wheezing that has a low sounds, breathlessness which is aggravated by activities, difficulty in breathing in, weakness and soreness of the lower back and knees, tinnitus, wheezing often triggered by exertion, or aversion to cold, cold limbs, pale complexion, pale tongue and white coating, deep and thready pulse, or red cheeks, irritability and hot, sweats, red tongue and less coating, thready and rapid pulse.
Wheezing caused by kidney deficiency
liu wei di huang wan
Lu-9, Lu-1, Li-6, KD-3, UB-23/24, UB-13, UB-43,
breathlessness, distending and fullness in the chest, cough, clear and white sputum, associated with headache, no sweats, aversion to cold, maybe fever, no thirst, thin white and slippery tongue coating, superficial and tense pule
Breathlessness caused by wind cold attacking the lung
LU-7, LU-9, Li-6, UB-12/13, GB-20, Du-16, SJ-5
Ma huang tang
breathlessness, fullness and deisteding sensation in the chest, cough, clear and sticky sputum, difficult to expectorate, nausea, poor appetite, sticky sensation in the mouth, no thirst, thick white and sticky tongue coating, slippery pulse
Breathlessness cause by Phlegm and dampness in the lung
Lu-7, LU-1, SP-6, ST-40, UB-13, UB-20, Ren-22
Er chen tang
breathlessness, cough, distending and pain the the chest, sticky and yellow sputum, or blood in sputum, irritability and heat in the chest, fever, sweats, thirst with preference of cold drinks, red face, dry throat, dark urine, constipation, yellow or sticky coating, slippery and rapid pulse
Breathlessness caused by phlegm heat in the lung
Lu-7, Li-11, SJ-6, Lu-10, ST-40, SP-6, Ren-22, UB-12/13
breathlessness, cough, hard to lie down, clear and white sputum, palpitation, edema of the face eyes and limbs, scanty urine, aversion to cold, cold extremities, dark blue lip and face, swollen and dark tongue body, white and slippery coating, deep and thready pulse.
Breathlessness caused by water attacking the heart and lung
Lu-5, Lu-9, Ht-3, Pc-6, SP-9, St-36, Ren-4, UB-13
Zhen wu tang (true warrior)
breathlessness often triggered by emotional irritations, sudden rapid breath, fullness sensation in the chest and chest pain, feeling a substance in the throat, maybe insomnia, palpitation, depression, thin tongue coating and stringy pulse.
Breathlessness caused by liver qi attacking the lung.
Lu-9, Li-4, Liv-3, Ren-17, Liv-14
xiao yao san
breathlessness, low voice, snoring, coughing with low sounds, clear and thin sputum, spontaneous sweats, aversion to wind, easy to catch cold, pale tongue, soft and weak pulse.
Breathlessness caused by lung qi deficiency
Lu-1, Lu-7, Lu-9, LI-6, SP-3, St-36, Ren-4/6/12, UB-13
yu ping feng tang
chronic breathlessness and wheezing, short breath, more breathing in and less breathing out, breathlessness after activities, losing control of urine due to coughing, dripping urination, blue complexion, cold limbs, pale tongue and thin coating, weak and thready pulse or deep and weak pulse
Breathlessness caused by kidney qi deficiency
KD-3/6, UB-23, Ren-4/6, KD-25
Severe breathlessness and wheezing, open mouth and shrugging of shoulders, could not lie down, severe breathlessness triggered by activities, palpitation, irritability, blue face and lips, severe sweating, superficial and large pulse without root, or irregular pulse.
Exhaustion due to asthma.
Moxa Ren-4/6/8, Ding quan, Lu-7, KD-3,
palpitations, fear and fright, restlessness, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, a thin and white tongue coating, tremulous and rapid or tense and feeble pulse.
Palpitations due to timidity due to heart deficiency
GB-40, HT-7, HE-5, UB-15, Ren-14, GB-19
palpitations, dizziness, pale complexion, fatigue, a slightly red tongue, thready and weak pulse.
Palpitations due to heart and spleen deficiency
HT-5, PC-6, HT-9, UB-15, Ren-14, UB-20 LV-13, UB-17, ST-36
Gui pi tang
palpitations, restlessness, dizziness, blurring of vision, a hot sensations in the palms and soles, tinnitus, lumbago, a red tongue with scanty or no coating, a thready and rapid pulse
Palpitations due to yin deficiency and hyperactivity of fire
HT-5, PC-6, KD-4/6, Liv-3, LI-4, Liv-13, UB-23,
palpitations, restlessness, stuffiness in the chest, shortness of breath, pale complexion, cold limbs, pale tongue, a weak pulse or a deep thready and rapid pulse
Palpitations due to heart yang deficiency
Ht-5, PC-6, UB-15, Ren-14, Ren-4, Ren-17
palpitations, dizziness, fullness in the chest and stomach, cold limbs, scanty urine, edema of the lower limbs, thirst with no desire to drink, nausea, retching, a white and slippery tongue coating and a tense smooth pulse
Palpitations due to attack of heart by retained fluid
HT-5, PC-6, Ren-17, UB-15, Ren-14, Ren-4, SP-6/9
palpitations, restlessness, stuffiness in the chest, intermittent chest pain, purple lips and nails, a dark purple tongue or tongue with petechiae, and a choppy pulse with knotted intermittent beats
Palpitations due to heart blood stasis
Ht-5, PC-6, UB-15, Ren-14, Liv-3, LI-4, SP-10, UB-17, Ren-6
fixed stabbing pain in the chest which is more severe at night, occasional palpitation, restlessness, a dark purple tongue, and a deep and choppy pulse.
Chest bi caused by heart blood stasis
HT-6, PC-4, Ren-14, UB-14/15, Ren-17, UB-17
xue fu zhu yu tang
chest pain radiating to the shoulder and back, suffocation, breathlessness, sluggishness of the limbs and body, obesity, profuse sputum, a turbid sticky tongue coating, and a smooth pulse
Chest bi caused by phlegm retention
HT-6, PC-4, Ren-14, UB-14/15, Ren-17, ST-40, ST-36, SP-6, SP-9
**gua lou xie bai ban xia tang
chest pain radiating to the back, which becomes severe when exposed to cold, suffocation, palpitation, breathlessness, dyspnea, or orthopnea, pale complexion, cold limbs, a white tongue coating, and a deep thready pulse.
Chest bi due to cold stagnation in the chest
HT-6, PC-4, UB-14/15, Ren-14, Du-4, Ren-4/6,
suffocation, dull ache in the chest, often triggered or aggravated by emotional irritations, associated by fullness in the stomach, feeling better after belching, thin or thin and sticky coating, a thready and stringy pulse
Chest bi due to qi stagnation in the heart and chest
HT-6, PC-4/6, UB-14/15, Ren-17, LI-4, Liv-3, KD-23/25, GB-41
suffocation, intermittent dull pain in the chest, palpitation, shortness of breath, lassitude, dislike of speaking, pale complexion, dizziness and blurred vision which becomes worse on exertion, a red tongue or a tonuge with tooth prints, a theady and weak pulse or a pulse knotted and intermittent beats
Chest bi to do heart qi deficiency.
HT-6/7, PC-4/6, UB-14/15, Ren-17/14, Ren-4/6, ST-36,
suffocation, pain in the chest, palpitation, night sweating, restlessness, insomnia, dry mouth, hot sensation of the face and head, red tongue or a tongue with petechiae, less coating, a thready and slightly rapid pulse.
Chest bi due to heart yin deficiency
HT-6/7, PC-4, KD-4/6/10, UB-14/15/23, Ren-17
suffocation, shortness of breath, chest pain readiating to the back in severe cases, palpitation, sweating, aversion to cold, cold limbs, lassitude, pale complexion, pale or dark purple lips and nails, a pale swollen tongue and a deep and thready slow pulse.
Chest bi due to heart yang deficiency
HT-6/7, PC-4, Ren-8m/14/17, UB-14/15/23,
nasal congestion, sneezing, running nose, aversion to cold, no fever or low fever, no sweating, general achiness, coughing with white sputum, thin and white tongue coating and superficial tense pulse
Common cold cause by external wind cold
Lu-7, Li-4, UB-12, SJ-5, Li-20, GB-20, Du-16.
ma huang tang
nasal congestion, sneezing, running nose, fever or high fever, sweating with dry mouth, sore throat, cough with thick sputum, thin and yellow coating, superficial rapid pulse
Common cold caused by external wind heat
Lu-5, Lu-10, UB-12, GB-20, Du-16, Li-11, Du-14, SJ-5, Li-4,
yin qiao san
low fever even after perspiration, slight aversion to cold, heavy sensation of the head, sweats, dry and sore throat, thirst without desire to drink water, sticky sputum, turbid nasal discharge, chest discomfort, nausea, short and yellow urine, yellow and sticky coating and soft rapid pulse
Common cold caused by summer heat
Lu-7, LI-4, Ren-12, SJ-6, ST-36, ST-40, SP-6
fatigue, breathlessness, spontaneous sweating, relatively severe chills, pale tongue, white coating, superficial and weak pulse
Common cold caused by qi deficiency
Moxa ST-36, Ren-4, Ren-6, SP-6, ST-36, LI-4, Du-16, UB-12, SJ-5
shen su yin
cold limbs and aversion to cold, tends to suffer from cold, diarrhea, pale and swollen tongue, deep and weak pulse
Common cold caused by yang deficiency
Moxa Ren-8, Ren-4/6, UB-23, Du-14, Du-4
ma huang fu zi xi xin tang
tends to suffer from fever, palpitation, dizziness, pale complexion, pale tongue with white coating, thready and weak pulse
Common cold caused by blood deficiency
Liv-8, Kid-6, Sp-10, UB-17, UB-12, Du-16
tends to suffer from fever, hot sensation on the five centers, thirst, night sweats, red tongue, less coating, and a thready and rapid pulse
Common cold caused by yin deficiency
KD-4, KD-6, Liv-8, Ren-6, UB-12, SJ-5, GB-20, Du-16,
itchy throat, cough, slight breathlessness, sneezing, thin and white sputum which is associated with nasal congestion, running nose, headache, body aches, stiff neck, aversion to cold, fever, no sweating, pale urine, thin and white tongue coating, and superficial and tense pulse.
Cough caused by wind cold attacking the lung
SJ-5, LI-4, Lu-7, Lu-9, UB-12/13
ma huang tang
frequent and severe cough, dry and sore throat, sputum which is difficult to expectorate, sticky and yellow sputum, coughing while sweating, running nose with yellow discharge, thirst, headache, body aches, sneezing, aversion to wind, fever, slight thirst, and slight dark urine, thing and yellow tongue coating, superficial and smooth pulse
Cough caused by wind heat attacking the lung
Lu-7, UB-12/13, SJ-5, LI-4, LI-5, LI-11, Du-14
sang ju yin
dry cough, dry itchy sore throat, dry nose and lips, no sputum or less sputum which is difficult to expectorate, or bloody sputum, dry mouth, it may be associated with nasal congestion, headache, slightly cold, fever at the onset, red dry tongue body with less body fluids, thin and white or thin and yellow tongue coating, superficial rapid or small and rapid pulse.
Cough caused by wind dryness attacking the lung
LU-7, LU-9, KD-3/6, UB-12/13, GB-20, DU-16,
repeated attacks of cough, profuse expectoration of white sticky sputum, breathlessness and a sensation of oppression in the chest, worse in the morning, fatigue, discomfort in the stomach area, poor appetite, abdominal fullness and loose stool, white and sticky tongue coating, soft and slippery pulse
Cough caused by damp phlegm in the lung
LU-9, Lu-5, UB-13, SP-6, ST-40, UB-20, SP-3
Er chen tang
cough with coarse breath, or sputum in the throat, large amount of sticky sputum or sticky yellow sputum, difficult to expectorate or vomit blood in the sputum, fullness in the chest and hypochondrium, chest and hypochondriac pain triggered by coughing, flushed complexion or fever, dry mouth with the preference of drinks, red tongue, thin yellow and sticky yellow sputum, slippery and rapid pulse
Cough caused by phlegm and heat stagnated in the lung
LU-9, LU-10, LU-7, LI-11, LU-5, KD-10, SP-6, ST-40,
sudden bouts of cough with red face often triggered by emotional stress, dry throat, a feeling of phlegm in the throat, expectoration of scanty phlegm, hypocondriac pain and distention, pain on coughing, bitter taste, dark urine, dry stools, irritability, dry mouth, red tongue with redder sides, dry and yellow coating, and stringy rapid pulse
Cough caused by liver fire attacking the lung
LU-9, LU-7, LU10, LIV-2, LI-11, LI-4, LIV-3, UB-13, PC-6, HT-7
dry cough with short duration, blood in sputum, lower fever, afternoon fever, night sweats, dry mouth, red tongue, less coating, thready and rapid pulse
Cough caused by lung yin deficiency
LU-5, LU-9, KD-3/6, UB-13, LU-1, LU-8
severe dizziness and vertigo, tinnitus, red face, irritability, headache, symptoms aggravated by anger and over exertion, tremor, insomnia, lots of dreams, sore and weakness of the lower back and knees, red tongue, yellow coating, and stringy thready rapid pulse
Dizziness caused by liver yang and wind rising
GB-20, GB-31/43, Liv-2, UB-18, KD-3, Du-20, Du-16
tian ma gou teng yin
dizziness, a feeling of heaviness and muzziness in the head as if it were full of cotton wool, a feeling of oppression in the chest, nausea, poor appetite, vomit with phlegm, white an sticky coating, stringy and slippery pulse
Dizziness caused by turbid phlegm in the head
Du-20, SP-9, ST-40, SP-6, Ren-12, PC-6, ST-8, GB-41
**ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang
dizziness and vertigo, headache, associated with insomnia, palpitation, tinnitus, deafness, dark blue face and lips, petechiae in the tongue, stringy and choppy or thready and choppy pulse
Dizziness caused by blood stasis
Du-20, Li-4, Liv-3, Liv-8, Sp-10, SP-6,
slight dizziness, sometimes only on change of posture, tiredness, pale complexion, palpitation, insomnia, pale tongue, thin and white coating, thready and weak pulse.
Dizziness caused by blood and qi deficiency
Ren-17, Ren-8m, Ren-4/6, Liv-8, SP-6, St-36, Du-20, UB-17, SP-10, UB-10
**Gui pi tang
persistant dizziness with a feeling of emptiness of the brain, dry eyes, insomnia, dry mouth, tinnitus, fatigue, sort and weakness of the lower back and knees, red tongue, thin coating, stringy and thready pulse.
Dizziness caused by liver and kidney yin def.
KD-3/6, Liv-3, UB-18/23, Ren-6, Liv-8, Ht-7
liu wei di huang wan