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This colony was given to Lord Baltimore by the king of England.
The first colony to support the idea of seperation of church and state was_____?
Rhode Island
In this colony, only male, land owning church memebers could vote.
This colony was originally part of New York but was given by the Duke of York to George Carteret and John Berkeley.
New Jersey
This colony was settled to provide buffer between Spanish Florida and the Carolinas.
The colony established for religious freedom for the Quakers was______?
Which European Country profited most by colonization in America?
Crops grown mainly to be sold for a profit are known as_____.
cash crops
The first colony to make an economic profit was_______.
South Carolina
The colony settled by English debtors was______.
One of the first public education laws in Europe or the Americas was passed in______.
The founder of this colony was known as the "father of American democracy".
Thomas Hooker and his followers left Massachusetts to start the colony of______.
What is religious toleration?
Willingness to let others practice their beliefs.
What role did the printing press play in the Reformation?
It helps spread the ideas of the Reformation because Bibles could be printed for less money and quicker.
This colony was known as Pennsylvania's "lower counties" at first.
James Olglethrope came to America with colonists to found_______.
Savannah, Georgia
The Protestant Reformation began in what country?
This colony started to make a profit when they began to raise tobacco from the West Indies.
How was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut different from the government of Massachusetts?
Orders were more democratic. In Connecticut you did not have to be a member of the church to vote.
The colony established for religious freedom for Catholics was_____.
Explain the economic theroy of mercantilism.
Practice of creating and maintaining wealth by controlling trade. England was doing this to the American colonies.
The colony that developed a General Court with a two-house legislature was_____.
The primary cash crops in the Southern Colonies were______. (3)
Tobacco, rice, and indigo.
Describe the living conditions of the Africans during the Middle Passage.
Enslaved Africans packed as tightly as possible, movement was nearly impossible, and thousands die from disease.
Calvet presented a bill to the colonial assembly that became known as_______.
Toleration Act of 1649
The Toleration Act made what?
made restricting religious rights of Christians a crime. This act was one of the first laws that supported religious tolerants.
What did Calvert want the colony Maryland to be?
He wanted it to be a refuge for English Catholics.