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The part of organ capacity that we do not normally use is called?
Organ Reserve
Physical changes in vision and hearing are not very noticeable for most people in early adulthood.
Which of the following can be an important problem associated with the physical development of the young adult?
Organ reserve allows us to tolerate excess consumption, thus setting up use patterns that will be problems later in life
What is a contributor to higher levels of cognitive development in early adulthood?
Taking on important life experiences.
What is the stage of cognitive development for early adulthood as described by Schaie?
List Perry's stages of cognitive development through early adulthood and what is the result of going through these stages.
Relativism MATURITY
In Sternberg's view of love, what has all three parts, passion,commitment, and intimacy?
Consummate love
A decline in organ reserves toward the end of early adulthood is a major limiting factor in physical development in this stage.
Consumption of alcohol, tabacco, and drugs is relatively low during early adulthood
One important factor to success in a career is how well a person's personality fits that career.
The goals of higher education are in tune with the goals of the students enrolled in these programs.
In Levinson's stages of adulthood, the 30's is primarily a time for....
Re-examining commitments
List and describe three motives for sexuality in early adulthood.
Need for intimacy.

Desire for submission - sometimes we like to be cared for.

Need for belonging - to an individual.
The main path to intimacy for most people is marriage.
List two reasons why divorce is most frequent in early adulthood.
Easier to get a divorce.

Roles less defined and accepted
Describe the different influences in psychosocial development in early adulthood for females.
Focus on developing a strong relationship with another person and to a lesser extent a family.
List one problem inherent in dual income families.
Women don't have access to jobs that pay = to men.