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What is the Le Boyer method?
birth designed to make the birth experience more pleasant for the baby
what is vestivular sense?
sense of balance
what is kinesthetic sense?
coordination between bones and muscles
what is significant about birth to 2?
biggest brain growth you'll ever have
what is significant about 5 to puberty?
most serene development, things happen in small increments
What are the stages of Psycho-Sexual Development?
Oral, anal, phallic, latency
What are the stages of psycho-social development?
Basic trust vs. mistrust, Autonomy vs. shame and doubt, initiative vs. guilt, industry vs. inferiority
what did Harry Harlow do?
wrote about the effects of maternal deprivation
What are the stages of cognitive development?
sensorimotor stage, pre-operational thought, concrete operations
what is ego-centrism?
something doesn't exist if you can't see it
what is assimilation?
put a new thing into a category that already exists
what is accomodation?
creating new categories for things that you experience
what did Noam Chomsky create?
a Blueprint for language
what is the Wharf Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis?
you think different according to the language you speak
what is a phoneme?
smallest unit of language
what is a morpheme?
smallest unit of language that has meaning
what is syntax?
how the word order affects the meaning (ex: The ball hit John
John hit the ball)
What is Pre-Conventional Reasoning?
what is punishment-obedience orientation?
what makes it right is if you don't get punished, if you do get punished, it's wrong
what is instrumental relativist orientation?
the family has their rules
the family measures everything by it's rules
what is interpersonal concordance orientation?
we can all agree that there's such thing as a good person and a bad person
what is Law and order Legalistic orientation?
if the law says it's right, it's right (moral)
what is Post-Conventional Reasoning?
it's outside your society
what is Social contract legalistic orientation?
there is no inherent morality in a law; and if a law is wrong, we need to change it (make it moral)
what is Universal ethical orientation?
do unto others as you would have them do unto you (one ethical principle)
who created social learning theory?