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Gross Motor at 1 MO
raises head slightly from prone position
Fine Motor at 1 MO
-follows with eyes to midline only
-tight grasp
language at 1 MO
alert/startles in response to sound
social at 1 MO
fixes on face
language at 2 MO
social smile
social at 2 MO
recognizes parent
gross motor at 3 MO
holds head up
fine motor at 3 MO
hands open at rest
language at 3 MO
social at 3 MO
reaches for familiar objects or people
gross motor at 4-5 MO
rolls front to back, back to front

sits well supported
fine motor at 4-5 MO
grasps with both hands together
language at 4-5 MO
orients to voice
Gross Motor at 6 MO
sits well unsupported
fine motor at 6 MO
-transfers hand to hand

-reaches with either hand

-raking grasp
language at 6 MO
social at 6 MO
stranger recognition
gross motor at 9 MO
-pulls to stand
FM at 9 MO
primitive pincer grasp

language at 9 MO

understands "no"
social at 9 MO
plays pat-a-cake
GM at 12 MO
walks alone
FM at 12 MO
-precise pincer grasp
-releases objects
language at 12 MO
1-8 words other than mom/dad

follows 1 step commands
social at 12 MO
-comes when called
-cooperates with dressing
GM at 15 MO
walks backwards

creeps upstairs
FM at 15 MO
-builds 2-block towers

GM at 18MO
FM at 18 MO
feeds self with utensils
language at 18 MO
points to body parts when asked
social at 18 MO
plays around (but not with) other children
GM at 2 YO
-Walks well up and down stairs

-squats and recovers
FM at 2 YO
-removes clothing

- builds 5 block tower

-copies a line
Language at 2 YO
-understands 2 step commands

- stranger understands 1/2 of speech

- 2 word combos
Social at 2 YO
parallel play
GM at 3 YO
Pedals a trike

throws ball overhand
FM at 3 YO
draws a circle
Language at 3 YO
-3 word sentences

-uses plurals

- pronouns

- past tense

- stranger understand 3/4 of speech
A child knows his first and last name. How old is he
3 YO
GM at 4 YO
alternates feet going down stairs

FM at 4 YO
catches ball

dresses alone

draws a cross
FM at 4.5 YO
copies a square
language at 4 YO
100% intelligable
social at 4 YO
imaginative play
FM at 5 YO
ties shoes
draws a triangle
language at 5 YO
prints first name
social at 5 YO
plays competitive games in which he understands and abides rules.