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fusogenic protein in mammals
Polyspermy prevention in sea urchins that's electric and mediated by Na+ ion channels
fast block
Polyspermy pervention in sea urchins and mammals mediated by Ca ions from within the egg
slow block
During slow block in sea urchins & many other animals, ________ ________ release (via exocytosis) many proteins
cortical granules
_________ dissolves the proteins that connect the vitelline envelope to the plasma membrane and "clip off" any sperm/bindin attached.
During slow block of sea urchin, ____________________ produce an osmotic gradient so water rushes in between the vitelline envelope and the egg plasma membrane (now called the fertilization envelope)
During slow block of sea urchin, __________ ______ hardens the fertilization envelope.
peroxidase enzyme
During slow block of sea urchin, ______ forms a coat around the egg.
During slow block of mammals, enzymes released by the cortical granule modify ___ & ___. Hypothesis: one enzyme clips off the terminal _____ residuals on the ___.
ZP3, ZP2, sugar, ZP3
T/F The activation of egg metabolism occurs in the cytoplasm with no nuclear involvement.
Activation of egg metabolism depends o the [__] ions withing the egg -- all egs.
During the fusion of genetic material, the __________ comes mainly from the sperm
Displacement of ___ _________ happens by cortical rotation depending on sperm point of entry
egg cytoplasm
The pH increase (a late response of egg metabolism) will eventually stimulate new _______ synthesis & ___ synthesis
protein, DNA
Rhythm in cell division is regulated by