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The appearance theme of the publication.
A set of preselected colors that work well together in a publication.
Color Scheme
The arrangement of placeholder elements on the page.
The direction that the text runs on a page.
A generic term for grid guides and margin guides collectively
Layout Guides
Blue, nonprinting lines on a page that show column and/or row margins in a multicolumn or multirow layout.
Grid Guides
Blue nonprinting lines on a page that show the page margins.
Margin Guides
Yellow, nonprinting lines on a page that help position text baselines
Baseline Guides
Green, Nonprinting vertical or horizontal lines that your can desplay temporarily to help you align objects with one another.
Ruler Guides.
Text that is repeated at teh top of each page in a multi-page document.
Text that is repeated at the bottom of each page in a multi-page document
The backdrop on which you place elements that should repeat on every page of the publicaiton
Master Page
The "normal" part of the publication where you place the text, graphics, and other objects that are unique to each page.
A group of publication templates that share a common design
Master set
A feature that prrofreads your layout to help you find layout problems that might prevent the publication from looking good in print
Design Checker
A collection of predesigned objects you can place in your publication, including mastheads, banners, logos, and more.
Design Gallery
A predesigned graphic accent that incudes a few words of text.
Attention Getter