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Personal or professional information including name and contact information formatted onto a card.
Business card
Pictures, clip art, bar graphs, pie charts, or other images available on or created on a computer.
A predefined document format.
An alignment feature that aligns text at the left and right margins by adding spaces between characters.
Full Justification
A line or row of characters that point to something on the page
The title of newsletter usually with an issue number and a date.
is a set of unified design elements and color schemes that include a background design, customized bullets, and borders.
Set of design elements and color schemes that can be applied to web pages.
Visual theme
An electronic page on the internet that is formatted to look like a page in a magazine.
Web page
The words or phrases that draw attention or emphasize a photo or graphic.
A grid of rows and columns that intersect to form cells into which information could be keyed.
Text or graphic on a web page that you can click on to jump or go to another web page, a location on the same web page, or a file.
Two or more related web pages.
Web site