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Decision making class that returns several possible subclasses.
Abstract Factory
Creates an innerface to return several families of related objects.
Insures there is only one instance of an object and provides a global point of access to that object.
Assembles a number of objects in various ways depending on the provided data.
Prototype Pattern
Similar to the builder pattern in that the class decides what components will make up the final class. It differs in that classes are constructed by Cloning one or more prototype classes and then changing or filling in the detials of the cloned class depending on the desired behavior.
Used wheh we want unrelated classes to work together.

this can be accomplished in two ways
1. through inheritance
2. Object composition.
Class Adaper
Adapter Pattern through inheritance.

Derive a new class from non conforming one and create the need interface we need in the inherited class.
Object Adapter
Adapter Pattern through composition.

Create the a new class with the non comforming class with in it. Creating method to translate the calls with in the new class.
The Bridge
Separate a Class’s' interface from its implementation so you can vary the classes implementation with out changing the client code.
Used the accommodate a componant that can be composition of objects or a single object.

A Tree Node
a Node can have additional branches or may be a leaf.