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Please put the round table in front of the blue chair.
Por favor, pon la mesa redonda frente al sillón azul. Adj that refer to color, size, shape, condition, nationality, group, etc. are differentiating.
In the fallen nest there was a baby bird with a broken wing.
En el nido caído había un pajarito con una ala rota. Past participles used as adj normally are condition and follow the noun.
Javier was talking to a rather pretty girl who was wearing an evening gown.
Javier hablaba con una chica bastante bonita, que llevaba un traje de noche. Adj phrases w/ de+noun always follow noun. So do descript. adj when modified by adv.
His father gave him a beautiful clock.
Un hermoso reloj. Non-descript. b/c hermoso could be ommitted w/o loss of meaning.
His father gave him an alarm clock.
Un reloj despertador. Diff. b/c it adds to the meaning.`
The cold snow is on the green car.
La fría nieve está ecima del carro verde. "fría" is non-diff b/c it's an inherent quality of snow.
Juan is a violent man looking for an agile woman.
Juan es un hombre violento buscando una mujer ágil. DIFFERENTIATING b/c sentece relies on adj for meaning "what kind"
The beautiful Ms. Marieta Camejo, Juan's daughter, will wed the distinguished lawyer Carlos Montes.
La linda señorita Marieta Camejo, hija de Juan, se casará con el distinguido abogado Carlos Montes.
Fine Arts
Las Bellas Artes
The Divine Comedy
La Divina Comedia
free thinker
libre pensador
mala hierba
bad luck
mala suerte
the pure real truth
la pura verdad
El Santo Padre
the Holy Father
a very foolish thing
una solemne tontería
hacer su santa voluntad
to do as one pleases
short/long term
a corto/largo plazo
What a beautiful day!
QuE hermoso día! adj comes before in exclamations
antigua novia
Ancient character
personaje antiguo
a certain woman told me...
una cierta mujer
it's a sure/certain thing
es una cosa cierta
There are various colors
Hay diferentes colores
different paintings
pinturas diferentes
half an hour
media hora
they were of the middle/average class
eran de clase media
The same/very man
El mismo hombre
The doctor herself doesn't know
La doctora misma no sabe
Another car
una nueva coche
Brand-new bike
una bicicleta nueva
That unfortunate man
Ese pobre himbre
the needy/poor people steal food
La gente pobre roba comida
I live in my own apartment
Vivo en mi propio apartamento
I want a house of my own.
Quiero una casa propia.
By pure luck
por pura suerta
pure air
aire puro
She was a strange person
Era una persona rara
A rare item
una rara cosa
He's a mere farmer
Es un simple ranchero
He's a simple-minded farmer
Es un ranchero simple
He's the only doctor in the town.
Es el Unico doctor del pueblo
He's a unique man
Es un hombre Unico
My old house was ugly
Mi vieja casa era fea
The old man was tired
El hombre viejo estaba cansado.
Her mother prepares delicious Cuban desserts
Su madre prepara deliciosos postres cubanos. DELICIOUS is more subjective and could be omitted w/o loss of meaning.