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an appliance which controls the level of lighting
general lighting
Seasonal Afffective Disorder
half switch
One half of an outlet switched to the wall
A filiment with the light source at one end and the light at the other end.
Cold Cathode
A cousin to neon, often used for signs or indirect lighting.
Natural Light
Commponly known as a bulb
A switch operated at two locations
An appliance that holds a lamp and enables it to give light.
A center of interest type lighting
Low voltage
A type of light source which operates off of less than 110 amps.
A type of lighting for a specific area or work
Light symbolizes
T or F
Exterior lighting is strictly for utility and safety
T or F
Ultraviolet light is always harmful and to be avoided
T or F
All lighting systems are universal
T or F
A pendant light can be hung from a track, rail, or pendant and can be used modularly in many different ways, changing from one connector to another
F - specific to a manufacturers
Dimmers can be used on the following:
T or F
There is only one type of switch available
Multiple controls in one location
The insides of can lights are alike all exterior trim is limited to
spot lights
one directional
framing projectors
very expensive
and more
T or F
A room is much more interesting with only one level of lighting
In a commercial building the lighting is planned by
interior designer
lighting designer
all of the above for best results
Track lights are limited to large ugly fixtures
A technique used of making lighting in a room interesting
Light Layering
What are two of the most critical aspects of understanding how lighting and interior design are intertwined?
Color Rendering
Color Temperature
T or F
Fluorescent Lights are usually yellow in color
T or F
Fluorescent lighting is the most economical lighting
Plants look good under
blue lights
white lights
Skin tones look best under
Pink lights
Peach lights
What does 75R30 stand for
75 watts
r = reflector
30/8" diameter = 3-3/4" diameter
The least efficient type of lighting
low voltage
12 volt
Inside Frost
Reflector, A built in reflective surface
Mirror Reflector, A halogen lamp that uses faceted mirrors to control the light pattern
Lamps used for signs
High Intensity Discharge lighting
Parabolic Aluminized reflector - a lamp of heavy glass that controls its light beam by a reflector and lens
Tubular lamps
A measure of color temperature
American National Standards Institute
A device that transforms electrical energy used by fluorescent, mercury vapor, high and low pressure sodium or metal halide lamps so that the proper amount of power is provided to the lamp.
A device that can raise or lower electrical votage, generally used for low voltage lights.
A device to control the amount of wattage output.
How high should a chandelier be hung over a table in a typical situation
30-36" above table
How high should a wall mounted lamp be when located next to a bed
about shoulder height
To minimize glare and give best illumination using 2 spot lights it is best to:
use cross illumate
In a home office it is always a good idea to position the monitor (VDT:
Away from the window
A luminous ceiling in an office or home office can
Add hot spot to the computer screen
For good computer lighting it is good to have
Little color contrast between the walls and ceiling
If a home office has wall mounted cabinets over a work surface it is best to use
Under cabinet lighting
In a dining room candle light is considered
A part of the accent lighting and should be placed appropriately
Dining rooms are good places for
light layering
accent lighting
ambient lighting
task lighting
all of the above; dining rooms are poor places for none of the above???
If there is a lot of planting, or a well landscaped area outside of a large window in a room it can be treated as an extension of the room with
Lighting of the plants and landscaping to make it a part of the room.
Track lighting should be
made as inconspicuous as possible
When using track lighting or angled recessed lighting placement needs to consider
the distance and angle used to keep out of peoples' eyes; the distance from the wall; the height of the ceiling - all of the above
Cove or indirect lighting is a good accent for
Accent of architectural features
If the budget does not permit adding ambient lighting into the walls or ceilings a good portable solution is
external feature of a can or recessed light fixture or luminare
In a recessed light fixture this obscures the ligth source and scatters the light
Spacing ratios
Range from 0.3 to 1.4
Spacing for recessed fixtures
The space between the fixture and the wall should be half the distance between the fixtures
metal work over the aperature of a recessed fixture
Light Layering
Area lighting within larger space of lighting
Wide spread light
The wider the opening of a lamp shade the wider the light will spread
systematic lighting
table lamps can not accomplish this type of lighting
Systematic Lighting
Table lamps can not accomplish this type of lighting
wall washer
reflect redirect spread, or concentrate the light within the fixture
wide spread light
Large area of light from one wide source
recessed Light
A luminary mounted above the ceiling with the opening of the luminaire level with the surface
Parabolic aluminized reflector lamp, spot or flood distribution made of hard glass for indoor or outdoor use
Luminous ceiling
A ceiling area ligthing system comprising a continuous surface of transmitting material of a diffusing or light controlling character.
Beam spread
In any plane, the angle between the 2 directions in whcih the candlepower is equal to a stated percent (usually 10%) of the maximum candlepower in the beam.
A device used to direct the light from a source by the process of reflection
A single opaque of translucent element to shield a source from direct view at certain angles, or to absorb unwanted light.
Mirror Reflection. Incandescent Filament lamp with reflection of silver or aluminum on inner surface
Miniature tungsten halogen lamps with a variety of wattages and beam spreads, controlled by mirrors positioned in the reflector. (eighth of an inch 16/8 = 2"_
A 2" MR lamp
A devise that transforms electrical energy used by flurorescent, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, or metal halide lamps so that the proper amount of power is provided to the lamp.
dropped soffit
A boxed in area of a ceiling dropped 8 to 12 inches down
shower light
An enclosed recessed fixture that is water tight
cove lighting
An indirect light source located in a through around the perimeter of the room high up on the wall
cool color fluorescent
Are best for reading amterial in a home office
adds fatigue in a work area
computer screens...
should not face a lighted source or bright surface
hot spots
spots of light created by the light source which are usually not as preferable as a uniform source.
light source
the luminaire and lamp which creates the light
A devise that raises or lowers the voltage, generally used for low-voltage lights.
single pole switch
convenience outlet
draw recessed fixture symbol
recessed fixture symbol
draw convenience outlet symbol
convenience outlet
draw ground fault interrupter symbol
ground fault interrupter
draw telephone symbol
telephone (points toward wall)
draw television cable symbol
television cable
draw fluorescent fixture symbol
fluorescent fixture
draw mini pendant fixtures symbol
mini pendant fixtures
draw table lamp symbol
table lamp
draw bathroom fan symbol
bathroom fan
draw wall sconce symbol
wall sconce
draw range hood symbol
range hood
draw switch symbol
draw 3-way switch symbol
3-way switch
draw ceiling mounted light symbol
ceiling mounted light
draw dimmer switch symbol
dimmer switch
draw recessed adjustable fixture symbol
recessed adjustable fixture
draw ceiling fan symbol
ceiling fan
lense picture
draw lens picture
dropped diffuser
draw dropped diffuser
draw baffle
draw louver
light confined - picture
draw light confined picture
transluscent shade
draw translucent shade
draw direct
transluscent shade
draw translucent shade
wide shade opening drawings
draw wide shade opening
diffused light picture
draw diffused light picture
draw single pole switch
single pole switch
draw convenience outlet
convenience outlet
draw ceiling moutned light
ceiling mounted light
draw wall mounted light
wall mounted light drawing
draw 3-way pole switch
3-way pole switch drawing
draw recessed light
recessed light drawing
wall washer drawing
wall washer
gfi drawing
draw fluorescent fixture
draw fluorescent fixture
draw skylight
draw skylight
draw telephone