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Kitchen Design Considerations
use of the kitchen: family, entertaining, special events
relationship of kitchen to dining room
interest of client in cooking as an activity
structural problems
one wall, suitable for small residential and corporate kitchens
Two wall or corridor
suitable for small to medium kitchens
often used with kitchen passages to separate breakfast and formal dining
U Shaped
shaped like a U
can be used with l and u shape
used in larger kitchens
top set sink
dropped into a hole in the counter, cut to fit the sink
under mounted sink
attached to the underside of the countertop
Work Triangle
the convienient relationship between refrigerator, stove or workspace and the sink.
work triangel should not be over 22 feet in length
Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions
O.H. cabinet depth 13-15"
Bathroom Cabinet Dimensions
bar surface height
Bar Depth
14" minimum
Face Frame Cabinet
Box cabinet with solid wood elements nailed to the face of the box to receive doors an drawers
Flush Cabinets
doors and drawers are the leading face of the cabinet box
Cabinet Grades
Premium, Custom, Economy
basic plastic laminates
Ceiling Heights
residential: 8'0" sometimes 9'0"
Ceiling Materials
gypsum wall board
accoustical treatments
combination of the two
Dimensions for acoustical panels
2x2 or 2x4 panels
exposed suspension system
"lay in system"
Tegular suspension system
has delineatd reveals
concealed suspension
using panels with splines
suspension systems
exposed, tegular, concealed
furred ceiling
ceiling which is dropped lower than the rest of the ceilings in place
Soffit ceiling
a small piece suspended
properties of acoustic ceiling materials
highly engineered
ratings for light reflectance, acoustical performance, cleanability, moisture and fire resistance
Benefits of suspended ceiling
reduce energy costs flexibility
space between roof and suspended ceiling
light source
lighting fixtures
Types of Lamps
incandescent, fluorescent
Halogen, HID
Luminaire formats
surface mounted, ceiling mounted, table lamp, floor lamp, suspended, wall mounted, sconces, track, floor mounted, recessed
device used to limit the curent in an arc discharge lamp
provides starting voltage, power factor correction and diming and switching capacity
types: magnetic and electronic
the ability of luminaires to distribute light
capability of a lamp to transform electrical power into light
excessive, uncontrolled light
Fluorescent lamp
a glass tube coated with fluorescent phosphors in a white powder form.
bulb and base shapes
Light Emitting Diodes
semiconductor devices that emit visible light when electric current passes through them
Photometric Data
inof that tells you the shape of the light that is emitted from the luminaire and the intensity of the lumens at various distances from the source.
potty parity
womens bathrooms in public facilities need to mave more toilets than there are in the mens restrooms
standard materials in bathrooms
stainless steel, porcelain, acrylic molded with countertop, enamel over metal or cast iron, glass, pottery
Handicapped considerations in bathrooms
provide blocking in walls adjacent to toilets for grab bars. leave space adjacent to toilet for a walker or wheelchair access