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Alkyd Paint
alkyd resin base paint.
soluble in paint thinner
"oil base"
Latex Paint
a paint witha polymer emulsion of synthetic rubber or plastic globules and soluble in water
"water base"
Paint Coats
primer coat: base coat applied to taped and texture gwb. makes a good bonder
udercoat: first coar of paint in the desired finish color
topcoat: the final coat of paint; should provide an even rendition of the paint color
Paint Properties
paints should be evaluated for their coverage, color fastness, hiding power, washability, reaction to cleaning solvents, corrosion/chemical resistance, and heat resistance
Paint luster or sheen
range from glossy to flat
generally cost of paint is directly corelated with its gloss level.
gloss is good for where moisture protection is needed
bathrooms, kitchens, rec rooms, kids rooms
larger fabric elements that may cover areas of solid walls as well as windows. open by pulling horizontally to the sides of the window
ability to control sunlight
good for privacy as well
often do not open, more fussy in character
Blinds and Shades
used in lieu of draperies for their lower cost, reduced maintenace (perceived), and greater durability
contemporary look
Wallpaper and wall covering layers
surface or decorative
intermediate or ground:decorative layer is on top of this
substrate or backing: maybe be the back of the intermediate layer or a separate layer that receives adhesive coating
Wallpaper Qualities
stain resistant
abrasion resistant
Types of Wallcoverings
I: light duty for offices, patient rooms, hotels, residence
II: medium duty for high traffic area; lobbies, lounges, classrooms, hospital
III: heavy duty for use in hard use areas such as hospitals and restaurants
Wallpaper and covering sizes
wallpaper: 16-20' width 20-21"
coverings: 25-40' width 48-54"
Wood Paneling
most prestigious forms of wall treatment
used in courtrooms, legal offices, expensive dining rooms,
Wood Veneers
applied over plywood and wood composition substrates
Photographic Veneers
pressure laminated onto less costly substrates for woodlike finish
thin layers of wood laminated to a wood substrate are used more frequently than solid wood elements
veneers varyy in impression depending on depth of the veneer cut, finishing of the edges of the material and finish of the product
Finish methods for wood paneling
sealers such as varnish, varathanes or oil sealers are most common.
Stains are used to color the surface of woods while retaining the surface grain appearance
Plastic Laminates
high pressure laminates
cannot be used on exteriors
come in solid colors, wood grains, textures etc.
Used for countertops and surfaces of cabinets and furniture.
Surface is easily cleaned and resonable durable
Properties of Laminates
scratches are not repairable
can fade in stron sunlight
can be used in fire resistive settings or chemical resistant (labs etc)
plastic laminate manufacture process
thermoset paper/plastic composite where decorative papers impregnated with melamine are consolidated over phenolic impregnated kraft papers at high pressure and hihg temperatur to form a homogeneous laminate
solid surfacing is a sheet product made of natural minerals and high performance acrylic.
stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant
Gypsum wall board
inexpensive, easily installed and repaired
easily treated with other materials
nailed or screwed into studs
taped and texture
(gypsum wallboard)
joints in the gwb are covered with perforated tape that bonds to the sheetrock, to cover holes etc.
texture process is when a spray on surfacing adheres to the gwb and prepares the wall for the primer coat for painting
Horizontal installation
most common in commercial applications
joints are stagered to avoid telegraphing of connections nailing and screws are the attachment method
Vertical Installation
more common in small rooms where material can be conserved.
panels must be nailed to backing as the nail has very little holding strength due to the gwb itself.
corner beads
corners that experience heavy traffic or damage can be fitted with more heavy duty metal, rubber or vinyl that wont get damaged as easily
Swing Door
hinged on one side and swinging on other
Pocket Door
doors that slide into a pocke space in adjacent wall
Surface Sliding
door moves in a track across outside surface of wall
dorrs slid in front of each other
Revolving door`
used in drafty location, 4 doors on a central pivot
fixed window
Double Hung
upper and lower portions move
Single Hung
only lower section operates
portions of window move to one side
window sections are hinged and swing open like doors
open outward
window composed of many strips of glass that rotate open together
Bay, Bow
a configuration of windows that create an angular or curved window section.
refers to windows located in ceiling
may be operable
windoes located above door head height.
used to admit light while preserving privacy
type of casement that swings from its top or bottom instead of side
Flush doors
solid core or hollow core
Panel doors
usually solid wood framed and panels are made of thin plywood
French Doors
panel doors composed of solid wood frames with glass panes
Parts of Door
Head, Jamb, Threshold, Stile, Swing side, Strike side, panel, door frame
Parts of window
head, jamb, sill, mullion, muntin