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A verrucous skin-colored plaque
Wart (verrucous vulgaris)
Etiology of warts
Histology of warts
vacuolated cells, hyperkeratosis
Erythematous plaque with white mica-like scaling
Pathogenesis of psoriasis
Immunological disease (T cell activation) leading to hyperproliferation of epidermis
What is the Auspitz sign and in what derm lesion do you see it?
scraping of lesion/scales causes punctate bleeding due to thin epidermis

Describe histology of psoriasis
↑ stratum corneum
↓ stratum granulosum
What is the Koebner effect?
Physical trauma in psoriatic patient will induce psoriasis
Hypopigmented macules and patches
Tinea versicolor
Etiology of tinea versicolor?
Malassezia furfur
How dx tinea versicolor?
KOH scraping of stratum corneum → spaghetti and meatballs (hypae and spores)
Tan-colored macules and patches
Tinea versicolor (lesions turn brown under sun)
Erythematous patch of nasal-labial folds
Seborrheic Dermatitis
What areas does seborrheic dermatitis have a predilection for?
Areas with sebaceous glands:
nasal folds
Erythematous pustules, papules, and nodules
Name 3 causes of acne
(1) propionobacterium (contains lipase which TCA → FA)
(2) hormonal (↑ sebaceous gland activity)
(3) epidermal (hyperkeratinization)
Verrucous medium-brown plaque
Seborrheic keratoses
What derm lesion do you see pseudohorn cysts of keratin?
Seborrheic keratoses
What is the prognosis of seborrheic keratoses?
benign, don't need to treat
Erythematous edematous, skin-colored papules
wheel and flare
Name some common causes of urticaria
Drugs (penicillin, aspirin)
Food (shellfish)
Physical (cold, heat, light, pressure -- underwear)
Erythematous annular patches with slightly elevated border and scaling
Tinea dermatophysis (tinea corporis -- ringworm)
How dx tinea dermatophysis?
KOH prep --> only hyphae
Wood light (tinea fluoresces)
culture with sabarose medium
Many oval erythematous patches
Long axis along lines of cleavage (Christmas tree sign)
Mother patch
Pityriasis Rosea
If pityriasis rosea suspected, what test should you do?
VDRL for secondary syphilis (mimics PR)
Small erythematous macule with honey-colored crust (filled with neutrophils)
What causes impetigo?
Staph or Group A Strep
Pearly border with central telangiectasis
Basal cell carcinoma
Translucent papule with telangiectasias and central ulcer (name general skin lesion and subtype)
Basal cell carcinoma -- nodular ulcerative
Name 4 types of basal cell carcinoma
Grouped vesicles on erythematous base
What test do you use to confirm HSV?
Tzanck smear (multinucleated giant cells) and Cowdry A inclusions (intranuclear inclusions)
Erythematous patches with scaling
Intracellular edema
Sharp lines of demarcation
Contact dermatitis
Light tan-colored papule with regular appearance (sometimes with hair)
melanocytic nevus
Straight pigmented line on nail bed
Melanocytic nevus
Risk of what with melanocytic nevus?
Malignant melanoma
How rule out malignant melanoma if you see a pigmented lesion?
Sudden changes (red = inflamm, white = regression, blue = melanin)
Increase in size
Irregular border
Irregular topography
Ulceration, bleeding, itching
Lesion with irregular border, topography, and color
Malignant melanoma
What is most important in determining prognosis of a malignant melanoma?
Depth of invasion (use Breslow method)
Where are melanomas most found in:
-- men
-- women
Men: trunk
Women: legs
(sun exposed areas)
Jet black lesion with erythema and white center and irregular borders
Melanoma with regression
Hyper- and hypopigmented skin, erythematous, scaling macules
Actinic Keratoses
Who's most at risk of actinic keratoses and in what areas?
Fair-skinned people
Sun-exposed areas
Actinic keratoses predisposes to what neoplasm?
Squamous cell carcinoma of skin
Erythematous patches in cubital fossa and other flexor areas, pruritic
Atopic dermatitis
Patient has FHx of rhinitis, asthma, hay fever, and hives (sucks, huh?).
What skin disorder is he at risk for?
Atopic dermatitis
Compare allergic contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis
Allergic contact: need specific antigen
Atopic: Th-2 driven response, diathesis, triad of rhinitis, hay fever, dermatitis