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True/Flase. Dermatophytes attack the follicle but spare the bulb.
True/False. Microsporum canis is a normal skin inhabitant in dogs and cats.
False. Not in cats.
Which population of animals is microsporum persicolor found?
Hunting animals.
Which dermatophyte causes onyxis/perionyxis of the nail bed?
M. gypseum
What is one flag that a dermatoses is ringworm in the cat (and dog)?
no lesions on the nose (no follicles)
True/False. The most common cause of folliculitis in the dog is fungal.
False. Bacterial > fungal. Never treat fungal folliculitis empirically.
Animal presents with moderate pruritis and alopecia with crusts. You pluck a hair from the periphery of a lesion and it is swollen, frayed and irregular under the microscope. What other tests do you want to run?
Wood's lamp exam
Culture on Sabouraud's or dermatophyte test medium
histopath from edges of alopecic lesion
You culture a suspected dermatophytosis and find spindle-shaped macroconidia with a knob at the terminal end.
Microsporum canis
You culture a suspected dermatophytosis and find cigar-shaped, smooth walled spores.
What is an appropriate treatment for ringworm in kittens and pregnant cats?
Chlorhexidine shampoo
What systemic treatment for ringworm is treatement of choice for cats?
What are contraindications for griseofulvin for systemic treatment of ringworm
< 6 weeks old or pregnant females
BM suppression in Persians
What would be an indication to use fluconazole for systemic treatment of ringworm?
concurrent liver disease
True/False. Vaccines are available for the prevention of microsporum canis.
False. Can limit severity of infection.
What is a key to prevention of ringworm in catteries?
Ectoparasite control- act as mechanical vectors.
Should you treat cats that have been exposed to ringworm but culture negative?
Yes, topically.
Malassezia has a symbiotic relationship with what bacterial skin condition
Staph pyoderma
Malassezia can induce a type I hypersensitivity reaction in what patients?
atopic dogs
seborrheic dermatitis
Reddish brown staining of claws is caused by what organism?
Malassezia paronychia
Westie presents with thickened folds on legs and trunk, hyperpigmentation, alopecia.
Hyperplastic dermatosis, triggered by Malassezia
Topical treatment of choice for yeast dermatosis?
chlorhex + climbazole
Which antifungal might be most useful for hyperplastic dermatosis in Westies?
ketoconazole- regulates keratinization
True/False. The following drugs can be used effectively to treat Malassezia: ketoconazole, itraconazole, fluconazole, terbinafine.
True. Griseofulvin is NOT effective.
True/False. Candida is a commensal organism of the normal skin.
False. Commensal of the GI tract, considered pathologic if found elsewhere.
How does Candida infection present in the dog? cat?
dog- ulcer with whitish coat, erythematous borders
cat- anal and pododermatitis
Which organism is the only one to grow within 2-4 hours in the serum filtration test?
Which antifungal crosses the BBB?
What systemic antifungal is the gold standard for deep mycoses?
Amphotericin B
True/False. Cryptococcus gatii is found in USA and Europe.
False. Neoformans
True/False. Sporothrix is a severe zoonotic that is spread by direct inoculation to people.
False. Simple contact in humans.
What is the treatment for sporothrix?
supersaturated sodium iodide
A cat who is allowed outside to wander presents with a bite wound abscess that won't resolve. What are you thinking of? Should you put on gloves?
Yes! Consider sporothrix.
What is the most important diagnostic tool for autoimmune skin disease?
Skin biopsy
What type of lesion is the hallmark of autoimmune skin disease?
Which autoimmune disorder of the skin has classic tombstoning appearance on histo?
Pemphigus vulgaris
Which autoimmune disorder(s) of the skin affect the footpads?
Pemphigus foliaceus
bullous pemphigoid
(discoid lupus)
Which autoimmune disorders of the skin are accompanied by systemic signs?
Erythema multiforme
Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
Which autoimmune disorder is characterized by full thickness coagulation necrsois of the epidermis and hydropic degenation of basal epidermal cells?
Toxic Epidermal Necolysis
When is pulse therapy of glucocorticoids used?
Induction and for acute flare ups of autoimmune disorders
Side effects of azathiorpine used in autoimmune disorders?
BM suppression
GI signs
pancreatitis, hepatotoxicity, alopecia
Contraindicated in cats
Side effects of cyclosporine?
gingival hyperplasia
BM suppression
idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity
Which topical is used for treatment of discoid lupus in dogs?
Non pruritic, non alopecic nodules along dorsal midline of the horse.
Dermoid cysts.
A foal is born with no skin or epidermis over appendages
aplasia cutis
depigmentation of muzzle, lips, periorbital areas
A white horse born with no GI activity.
Overo Lethal white
True/False. Intradermal allergy testing in horses requires 24 hour monitoring, and should be done at a hospital.
Treatment for atopy in horses?
Fatty acids
immunotherapy, corticosteroids questionable
Where are food allergy reactions most likely to show up on a horse?
lateral caudal thorax and flank
Horse presernts in summer iwth papules on the ventrum, shows alopecia, and "rat tail".
Insect hypersensitivity
True/False. Pemphigus presenting in a younger horse is more severe and less likely to regress.
Signs of pemphigus in the horse.
vesicule or pustule at mucocutaneous junction
stiff gait
systemic signs
Treatment for pemphigus in the horse?
chemotherapeutic agents
What is the most common skin tumor in the horse?
True/False. If you suspect a sarcoid, you should pick at it or put something on it.
Which neoplasm looks like "proud flesh"?
fibroblastic sarcoid
Which is better for diagnosing a sarcoid: visual exam or histopathology?
Visual exam is less risky.
Treatment for sarcoids?
ligation (pedunculated verrucous)
surgical excision- verrucous, occult
excision + cisplatin- fibroblastic, mixed, malignant
laser- high success
What is the second most common cutaneous tumor of the horse?
Which cutaneous tumor in the horse is foul smelling?
Treatment for SCC in the horse?
Debulk + cryo or cisplatin
5-FU topical
bloodroot extract
intratumor hyperthermia
Treatment for SCC?
intralesional cisplatin
True/False. Melanoma is locally invasive but rarely metastasizes
Which cutaneous has a vaccine?
Which dermatoses in the horse have scabs with hair in them?
Staph folliculitis
Dermatophilosis (rain scald)
Which 2 bacterial dermatoses in the equine result from poor husbandry/grooming?
Corynebacterial folliculitis
Pastern Dermatitis
Pink, cobblestone mass on 3rd eyelid of cow.
Squamous cell carcinoma
Cow with spinal cord signs or bloat. Swellings on the back.
Hypodermiasis (Warble grubs)
you diagnose a cow with hypodermiasis from skin nodules on the back. Should you deworm?
Tail mange in cows.
True/False. Sarcoptic and psoroptic mange are reportable in cows.
Cochliomyia hominovrax
true screwworm
Sheep with pruritis, stained fleece, anemia and nodules.
Sheep ked
Sheep with vesicles and crusts on lips, udders, coronary bands.
Pig with black crusts and vesiculopustual eruptions around head and coronary bands
Staphylococcus hyicus (greasy pig disease)
What is the most important skin disease of swine worldwide?
Sarcoptic mange
Pig with hyperkeratotic lesions in ears.
Sarcoptic mange
White pigs, 3 weeks old with craters with erythematous ring.
Juvenile pustular psoriasiform dermatitis. Self-resolving.
Feeder pigs with black crusting of skin with deep fissures.
Parakeratosis due to zince deficiency
Small pink cauliflower swellings with crust, hooves with lines parallel to coronary band in pig. Prognosis?
Dermatosis vegetans. Death.
Onchocerciasis in cattle
crusty plaques
uveitis, keratitis
Endocrinopathy with red white and blue histopath lesion.
Hepatocutaneous syndrome (superficial necrolytic migratory erythema)
Feline dermatosis with flame figures on histopath
Eosinophilic granuloma
WHich histiocytic patterns are reactive?
Cutaneous histiocytoma
Systemic histiocytosis
mycosis fungoides
epitheliotrophic lymphosarcoma
Which feline eosinophilic dermatosis is accompanied by fever?
Eosinophilic plaques