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What are the main types of psoriasis?
Vulgaris (most common), Guttate, and Generalized Acute Pustular (Von Zumbusch)
Psoriasis vulgaris - main feature?
chronic scaling papules/plaques, silvery white
Psoriasis vulgaris - etiology?
related to minor trauma or genetics Type I = Early onset, females
Type II= late onset, males
Genetics = HLA B-13, B-17,Bw57, CW6
Trigger Factors= Koebner's phenomenon, Streptococcal infection, drugs
Psoriasis Vulgaris - history (onset, skin, constitutional problems)?
months or sudden onset (acute guttate & von Zumbusch)
skin: pruritus, esp in scalp and anogenital
constituional symptoms: psoriatic arthritis & VZ acute illness syndrome
psoriasis vulgaris- phys exam findings?
silvery white papules/plaques, AUSPITZ phenomenon, salmon color/round shape
psoriasis vulgaris- treatment?
avoid scratching (increases koebner's phenomenon); Topical agents, UV/ methotrexate
Guttate psoriasis- main findings?
Exanthem (shower of lesions)
guttate psoriasis- pathology?
possibly due to Streptococcal Pharyngitis
guttate psoriasis- physcial exam findings?
guttate (drop-like), scattered lesions of 2mm-1cm, salmon color, ATTACKS THE TRUNK (spares palms and soles)
guttate psoriasis- treatment?
UVB, phototherapy, penicillin, erythromycin......guttate sometimes self-limited
Scalp type psoriasis vulgaris- history?
Koebnar's phenomenon in the scalp (can't be treated with phototherapy!)
scalp type psoriasis vulgaris- physical exam findings?
scattered thick plaques, lichenification, exudation and fissuring behind ears
scalp type psoriasis vulgaris- treatment?
tar/ketoconazole shampoos, Vit D3 analogues, aspirin, mineral oil, floucinoine
Nail type psoriasis vulgaris- physical exam findings?
-concomitant arthritis
-pitting hyperkeratosis
-Oil spots (yellow/brown)
Nail type psoriasis vulgaris- treatment?
-Intradermal triamcinolone acetonide
Palm/Sole type psoriasis vulgaris- treatment?
-combinations of PUVA and Retinoids
-topical corticosteroids & UVB - USELESS
Palmoplantar Pustulosis- definition?
"Numerous sterile, yellow, deep-seated pustules that evolve into dusky-red macules"
Palmoplantar Pustulosis- physical exam findings?
2-5mm pustules, macules; Attacks thenars & flexors, spares acral portions
-Chronic & Remittant
palmopustular pustulosis- treatment?
Acute Pustular Psoriasis (von Zumbusch) ["VZ"] -- General definition/description?
abrupt onset of burning erythema that spreads w/in hours to large areas of fiery-red skin; appearance of pustules in clusters which become 'lakes' of purulent fluid
VZ- physical exam findings?
lakes of pus
attacks flexural/anogenital regions
hair loss
overwhelming bateremia is NEGATIVE
VZ- treatment?
PUV photochemotherapy
Ichthyosiform Dermatoses- definition?
group of hereditary disorders; characterized by fish-like skin; part of multiorgan syndromes
Types of Ichthyosiform Dermatoses?
DIV (Dominant ichthyosis vulgaris),
XLI (X-linked ichthyosis),
LI (Lamellar ichthyosis),
EH (epidermolytic hyperkeratosis)
ichthyosis dermatosis- physical exam findings?
-abnormal s. corneum causes H20 loss & Vacuolization (keratin cell separation)
-Worse in winter/dry climates & better in summer/temperate climates
ichthyosis dermatosis- treatment?
-keratolytic agents
-systemic retinoids
-lotions for dry scale removal (6% salicylic acid + propylene glycol + ethyl alcohol)
Collodian babies show what condition?
ichthyosis dermatosis
(self limiting?)