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Primary Lesion - Macule
circumscribed flat alteration in the color of the skin, <1cm, not palpable
solar lentigo, mole
Primary Lesion - Patch
circumscribed flat alteration in the color of the skin, >1cm, not palpable
large macule, melasma
Primary Lesion - Papule
circumscribed palpable elevation of the skin <1cm
no fluid, wart
Primary lesion - Plaque
circumscribed palpable elevation, >1cm
Primary Lesion - Nodule
circumscribed plalpable mass, 1-2cm, may not be elevated, may be in dermis or subcutis, palpable even if subcutaneous
Primary Lesion - Tumor
circumscribed palpable mass, >2cm in diameter, not necessarily elevated, may be in dermis or subcutis
Primary lesion - Vesicle
sharply circumscribed lesion <1cm, contains transparent free fluid
Primary lesion - Bullae
sharply circumscribed lesion >1cm, contains transparent free fluid
Primary lesion - Pustule
circumscribed, <1cm, contains free pus
Primary lesion - Lakes of Pus
circumscribed, >1cm, contains free pus
Primary lesion - Wheal
evanescent, circumscribed, elevated edematous lesion which appears and disappears in <24 hours, no permanent changes
Primary lesion - Telangiectasia
Dilated superficial capillaries
Secondary lesion - Crust
Dried exudate, may have been serous, purulent, or hemorrhagic
Secondary lesion - Excoriation
Hemorrhagic excavation of the skin resulting from scratching, may be shallow or deep, linear or punctate
Secondary lesion - Lichenification
thickening of the skin with exaggeration of the skin creases, describes lesions that have been scratched and rubbed, leaving flat-topped papules
Secondary lesion - Scar
Final stage of healing of a destructive process involving the deeper dermis. White, smooth, firm, and shiny. Can be hypertrophic or atrophic
Secondary lesion - Escar
piece of dead tissue that is cast off from the surface of the skin
Secondary lesion - Scale
a flat plate or flake of stratum corneum
Secondary lesion - Exfoliation
Splitting off of the stratum corneum in fine scales or sheets
Secondary lesion - Fissure
Linear split or gap in the skin surface
Secondary lesion - Keratoderma
Horny thickening of the keratin layer of the skin
Secondary lesion - Poikiloderma
Appearance of hypo/hyperpigmentation, atrophy, and telangiectasias
Secondary lesion - Vegetative
growth of pathological tissue consisting of close-set papillomatous masses
Secondary lesion - Erosion
Partial break in the epidermis, heals without scarring, commonly follows a blister
Secondary lesion - Ulcer
Full thickness loss of epidermis, heals with scarring
Secondary lesion - Atrophy
Thinning and ransparency of the skin with loss of skin markings
Secondary lesion - Sclerosis
Circumscribed or diffuse hardening of the skin
Special lesion - Comedo
keratin, sebum, microorganisms, and epithelial cell debris within a dilated follicular opening. Open vs. Closed
Blackheads are open, Whiteheads are closed
Special lesion - Burrow
A tunnel made in the skin by a burrowing parasite or larva
Special lesion - Sinus
An elongated channel opening to a surface at one end and terminating in a blind sac
Special lesion - Fistula
An elongated channel which communicates between two surfaces
Special lesion - Cyst
A sac containing fluid or semisolid material, has an epidermal lining
Special lesion - Abcess
Localized collection of pus larger than a pustule, deep
Special lesion - Petechia/Ecchymosis
non-bleaching macules <3mm (petechia) or macules/patches >3mm (ecchymosis) due to extravasated blood in the skin
Special lesion - Hematoma
An extravasation of blood of such a size as to cause a visible swelling
When describing a lesion, what 4 (minimum) things should be noted
Size, Primary lesion, Color, and Location