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Red scaling lesions DDx (dermatitis)
atopic - flexural folds
contact - hx
nummular - coin-like, isolated
seborrheic - scalp, nasolabial folds, chest
red scaling lesions DDx (non-dermatitis)
psoriasis - elb, knees, scalp, nail pits
discoid lupus - don't see hair follicles
drug rxn - gold
lichen planus - flat surface, lacy lines on surface
mycosis fungoides - girdle area
pityriasis rosea - Christmas tree distribution
2° syphilis - palms & soles, copper coloured
tinea - well demarcated, raised border
Discrete red papules ddx - inflammatory
bites, stings - hx of outdoors, central punctum
furuncle - very painful, central plug
hives - whitish border, pruritic
inflammed epidermal cyst - mobile under skin
inflammed seborrheic keratosis - stuck-on appearance
lichen planus - purple, polygonal papules with flat surface
scabies - burrow, interdigital, groin, family members
Discrete red papules ddx - proliferative
dermataofibroma - "dimple sign"
hemangioma - blanching
Viral vesicles DDx
HSV - mouth, genitals
Zoster - dermatomal, painful
varicella - generalized, pruritic
molluscum - umbilicated
coxsackie - painful, foot & mouth, summer
Non-viral vesicles
acute contact dermatitis - eg poison ivy, exposure Hx
Cat scratch disease
dyshydrotic eczema - sides of fingers, palms, soles
dermatitis herpetiformis - itchy, gluten hx