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"stuck-on" appearance
seborrheic keratosis
red plaques with silvery white scales and sharp margins
bx shows thickened epidermis and neutrophils in stratum corneum (Munro microabcesses)
most common type of skin cancer
basal cell
basal cell carcinoma lesion
pearly coloured papule with translucent surface and telangectasias
honey crusted lesions
febrile pt with hx of DM presents with red, swollen, painful LE
Dx? Rx?
Dx - cellulitis
outpatient - cephalexin po (active against GBS, Staph)
Positive Nikolsky's sign
pemphigus vulgaris
55 y/o obese pt with dirty, velvety patches on back of neck
Dx? w/u?
acanthosis nigricans
check fasting glucose for DM
flat topped papules
lichen planus
iris-like target lesions
erythema multiforme
lesion characteristically occuring in linear pattern in areas where skin comes into contact with clothing or jewelery
contact dermatitis
herald-patch, christmas tree pattern
pityriasis rosea
"target" lesion with red center, pale zone, dark outer ring appearing on palms and soles with a prodrome of malaise and myalgias
erythma multiforme
16 y/o presents with an annular patch of alopecia with broken-off stubby hairs
Dx? Rx?
alopecia areata (autoimmune)
Rx - topical steroids
pinkish, scaling flat lesions on the chest and back. KOH prep has "spagetti and meatballs" appearance
Dx? Rx?
pityriasis versicolour
Rx - topical antifungal
risk factors for squamous cell carcinoma
exposure to sun/radiation, actinic keratosis, immunosuppression, arsenic, industrial carcinogens
child presents with shiny, annular papules on dorsum of hand. Bx shows chronic inflammation with "palisading histiocytes"
granuloma annulare
Rx - reassurance, topical/intralesional steroids
four characteristics of nevus suggestive of melanoma
large diameter
colour variation
irregular borders
beffy-red patches and satellite pustules appearing in intertriginous areas
How to Dx?
candidal intertrigo
Dx - KOH prep of satellite lesion scraping reveals pseudohyphae
stress related hair loss treatment
telogen effluvium, reassurance
child with flesh coloured, umbilicarted lesions on the face. When occuring in adults where do the lesions appear
Dx - molluscum contagiosum
Adults - perigenital and perianal areas
sharply demarcated, pruritic red macules with maceration, commonly on toe web spaces
Dx - coral red fluorescence with Wood's lamp
premalignant lesion from sun exposure that can lead to SCC
actinic keratosis
"dew drop on a rose petal"
lesions of primary varicella
smooth, dome shaped nodule lacking central punctum, primarily found on the scalp.
Bx shows granular layer
pilar cyst
causative agent for pityriasis versicolor
Malassezia furfur