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an oily substance released by sebaceous glands that lubricate the skin
sweat glands are...
present to cool the body
the several essentila functions of skin are...
1-acts as barrier to protect vital organs against infection and injury
2- helps dissipate heat and regulate body temp
3- synthesizes vitamin D when exposed to UV light
4- various sensory receptors throughout skin enable it to respond to sensations such as heat, cold, pain, and pressure.
skin is composed of how many layers? name them
1- epidermis- thin, uppermost layers of skin
2- dermis-thicker layer beneath, makes up aprox 90% of skin mass- often referred to as TRUE SKIN
3- subcutaneous layer- composed of fatty or adipose tissue
any one of the skin cells that synthesizes keratin 95% of the epidermis are keratinocytes
very hard, tough protein found in hair, nails and epidermal tissue
is a protein manufactured
in the body that gives coloring to skin and protects body from
UV radiation, also makes up the othe 5% of epidermal cells
these are distributed throughout the dermis...
blood vessels, lymph vessels, muscle cells, hair follicles,
sebaceous & sweat glands
2 types of sweat glands are:
exocrine glands & apocrine glands
exocrine glands:
excrete sweat through skin pores to release heat or create sweat in response to stress