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Describe the lesions and distribution patterns for acral lick dermatitis.
-constant licking results in erosions and ulceration followed by epidermal hyperplasia and dermal fibrosis which form an alopecic,thickened,firm plaque.
-May develop deep pyoderma with fistula
-More commonly seen in males 5 yrs and older
-distribution is carpal, metacarpal, anterior radial, metatarsal, or tibial region.
-less commonly seen on the tail, back and flank
How do you diagnose acral lick dermatitis?
-rule out bone lesion, neoplasia,fungal infection
How do you treat acral lick dermatitis?
-correct underlying cause
-psychogenic diversions
-treatment of the mind
-treat the lesions
What drugs are used to treat the mind of a patient with acral lick dermatitis?
Opiate antagonist
How do you treat the lesions of acral lick dermatitis?
-systemic antibiotics
-topical steroids
-intralesionsal steroids
-surgical excision
-radiation treatment
-topical capsaicin
-CO2 laser resurfacing
What information should you pass on to a client that has an animal with acral lick dermatitis?
-must inform that it is a long term treatment and sometimes there is no cure
-treatment is a minimum of 6 weeks and 2 weeks past resolution of clinical signs
Wherre are the lesions on a cat with psychogenic alopecia and dermatitis?
inner thighs
lower abdomen
dorsal midline
Describe a theraputic plan for feline psychogenic alopecia.
-remove cause
-mechanical restraint
What are psychocutaneous disorders?
disorders where the animal mutilates themself via licking, groomin, etc.