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name the layers of the epidermis
stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, stratum basalis (californias like girls in string bikinis)
what is the function of the zona occludens?
prevents diffusion across intracellular spaces
what is another name for zona occludens
tight junctions
what is another name for zona adherens
intermediate junction
what is the function of the zona adherens
surrounds perimeter just below zona occludens
what is the zona adherens composed of?
actin filaments and E-cadherin
what is another name for macula adherens
what is the purpose of the macula adherens
small, discrete type of attachment
what is the macula adherens composed of?
keratin and desmoplakin
what is the purpose of gap junctions
allows adjacent cells to communicate for electrical/metabolic functions
what is the purpose of integrin
maintains integrity of basement membrane
what is the purpose of hemidesmosome
connect cells to underlying ECM
flat, nonpalpable lesion of different color than surrounding skin, less than 1 cm
flat, nonpalpable lesion of different color than surrounding skin greater than 1 cm
small, palpable elevated skin lesion < 1cm
palpable, elevated skin lesion >1cm
small fluid contianing blister
large fluid containing blister
blister w/ pus
dried exudate from vesicle, bulla, pustule
increaesd thickenss of stratum corneum
increased thickness of stratum corneum with retention of nuclei of keratinocytes
thickening of epidermis
epidermal intercellular edema with widening of intercellular spaces
separation of epidermal cells from one another, cells float within extracellular fluid
accentuation of skin markings by scratching
inflammatory pruritic skin disorders characterized by allergy, infection, chemical injury
pruritic erruptions on flexor surfaces associated with other allergic diseases
atopic dermatitis
type of hypersensitivity for atopic dermatitis
type IV
type IV HSE reaction with exposure to poison ivy, lesion occurs at site of contact
allergic contact dermatitis
acanthosis with parakeratic scaling on kneees and elbow. increased statum spinosum, decreased stratum granulosum
associated with severe destructive rheumatoid arthirtis lesions on fingers
recurrent pruritic blistering disorder on extensor surfaces
dermatitis herpatiformis
what types of deposits are found in dermatitis herpatiformis
what is dermatitis herpatiformis associated with
celiac disease
pruritic, purple, polygonal papules with infiltrates of lymphocytes at dermoepidermal junction
lichen planus
macules, papules, and vesicles plus target lesions
erythema multiforme
common skin hypersensitivity associated with infections, drugs, cancers, autoimmmune diseaes
erythema multiforme
high fever, bulla formation, ulceration of skin, high mortality
stevens-johnson syndrome
sharply demarcated raised plaque/papule with pasted-on appearance
seborrheic keratosis
is seborrheic keratosis benign or malignant?
rough, scaling, poorly demarcated plaques
actinic keratosis
what causes actinic keratosis?
sun exposure
is actinic keratosis pre-malignant?
how is risk for cancer corelated with actinic keratosis?
correlated with degree of epithelial dysplasia
what type of cancer occurs with actinic keratosis?
squamous cell carcinoma
autoimmune disorder with linear band of immunofluorescence along basement membrane
bullous pemphigoid
what type of antibody is in bullous pemphigoid?
what is more severe, bullous pemphigoid or pemphigus vulgaris?
pemphigus vulgaris
intradermal bullae involving oral mucosa and skin
pemphigus vulgaris
what is difference in location of lesion between bullous pemphigoid and pemphigus vulgaris
pemphigus vulgaris in oral mucosa + skin
cells floating in extracellular fluid and immunofluorescence encircling individual epidermal cells
pemphigus vulgaris
cadherin that is attacked in pemphigous vulgaris
define desmoglein
cadherin that forms linkages at desmosomes
what is the most common skin tumor
basal cell carcinoma
is metastasis common in squamous cell carcinoma?
what causes squamous cell carcinoma?
excessive sunlight exposure
where is squamous cell carcinoma found?
sun exposed areas on body
invasion of dermis by sheets and islands of neoplastic epidermal cells
squamous cell carcinoma
lower part of face cancer
squamous cell carcinoima
cancer of upper part of face; mostly head and neck
basal cell carcinoma
pearly papule with overlying telangiectatic vessels
basal cell carcinoma
clusters of darky staining cells with arrangement of nuclei at periphery of clusters
basal cell carcinoma
does basal cell carcinoma metastasize?
cancer of fair skinned people
cancer with significant risk of metastasis
what is the major cause of melanoma?
excessive sunlight
what factor correlates with metastasis in melanoma?
depth of tumor
what is the precursor lesion for melanoma?
dysplastic nevus
atypical irregularly pigmented lesion with disorderly proliferation of melanocytes and dermal fibrosis
dysplastic nevis
purple-red area on face or neck, ipsilateral glaucoma, hemangiomas in meninges
abnormal proliferation of conncetive tissue following trauma in blacks
thickening of epidermis + hyperpigmentation that can be marker for visceral malignancy
acanthosis nigricans
acquired loss of melanocytes with no relatoinship to albinism
benign melanoma in kids often confused with malignant melanoma
spitz nevus
benign skin tumor in clusters/nests
nevocellular nevus (common mole)
umbilicated, dome-shaped papules in kids transmitted by direct contact
molluscum contagiosum
melanin synthetic defect of eyes, skin, hair
oculocutaneous albinism
genetic skin defect that predisposes to mainly squamous cell carcinoma
oculocutaneous albinism
cause of oculocutaneous albinism
failure of conversion of tyrosine to DOPA.
poorest progosis of melanoma. mostly vertical growth
nodular melonoma
melanoma of black people on hands and feet
acral-lengitinous melanoma
name 3 symptoms for sturge-webber
convulsions, mental retardation, retinal detachment
where do xanthomas most commonly occur?
initial presentation = scaling, indurated, ulcerated nodule
squamous cell carcinoma
silvery scales
sharply demarcated erythematous papules and plaques in a chronic inflammatory process
non-pruritic rash on butt with nothing on KOH prep and doesn't respond to topic steroids. patches in triangular configuration.
pityriasis rosea
bald spot on head that is wood's light positive
microsporum canus
MCC tinea capitis that's wood's light negative
trycophytan tonsurans
all superficial dermatophyte infections that have red edge and clear center with hyphae and yeast in KOH prep (except tinea capitus)
trycophytan rubrum
organism and disease responsible for pre-AIDS skin lesion w/ redness, yellow/waxy scale plus flaking
malessezia furfur - seborrheic dermatitis
most common area of psoriasis
scalp (people think it's dandruff)
melanoma in old people that's fawn colored with irregular borders that's least likely to metastasize
lentigo malignant melanoma
where is receptor for androgens in skin?
sebaceous glands
antibody to epidermal basement membrane protein
bullous pemphigoid
autoantibodies to intercellular junctions of epidermal cells
pemphigus vulgaris
separation of skin upon manual stroking (nikolsky's sign)
pemphigus vulgaris
eosinophils within blisters
bullous pemphigoid
HLA associationg with psoriasis arthritis
HLA w/ psoriasis w/o arthritis
warts commonly found on hands
verruca vulgaris
abnormal cells with nests in epidermis but not below
carcinoma in situ
coffee colored macules
cafe au lait spots
muscles that give rise to goose bumps
arrector pili
common shallow singular ulcer in mouth in AIDS
aphthous ulcer
common complication of chronic lower leg edema: edema, erythema, mild scaling, brown discoloration, poorly defined edges
stasis dermatitis
large golden crusts versus tiny oral vesicles
impetigo vs HSV1