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What are the layers of the epidermis?
basal lamina
what bacteria causes most pyodermas?
What animals are pre-disposed to Post-traumatic Dermatitis?
long haired dogs
This condition occurs when skin surfaces rub together?
Intertrigo Pyoderma
Name two surface pyodermas.
Intertrigo Pyoderma

Post-traumatic Dermatitis
Name three superficial pyodermas.

Recurrent Superficial staph pyoderma

Staph folliculitis
What is the plan for treatment of Acute Moist dermatitis?
clip and clean
corticosteriod spray
maybe oral pred to decrease purities
prevent continued self trauma
rarely culture- use staph sensitive antibiotic
Whaat are the predisposing factors for Intertrigo?
breed and obesity
What are the types of folds where intertrigo dermatitis occurs?
lip folds
nasal folds
vulvular folds
tail folds
body folds
obesity folds
How would a case of Intertrigo Dermatitis be managed?
clip and clean

local antibiotics and steriods

baby powder to keep area dry

cold creams

Benzoyl peroxide

astringent wipes for daily cleaning of folds

surgical removal is only permanent solution
what kind of steriods should be used to treat superficial staph infections?
Name some underlying conditions that can predispose an animal to superficial staph infections.
immune disease
follicular diseases
dry skin
poor gromming
How do you manage a case of recurrent superficial staph pyoderma?
local antibiotic therapy

immune stimulants
-staphage lysate
-interferon alpha

pulse dose antibiotics
Name 4 examples of dermatological lesions in which distribution is an important clue in recognizing the disease.
fungal infections
What is involved in the Nikolsky Sign?
apply pressure at the ulcer, erosion, vesicle, or normal skin and look to see how easily the outer layer is pushed away
What are the three common dermatophyte species seen on KOH preparations?
M. gypseum
M. canis
T. mentagrophytes
What is the anatomical location of the canine anal sacs?
4 and 8 o'clock between the internal and external anal sphincter muscles
What method is used to scin scrape for Sarcoptes?
scrape in area of active crust, mites are superficial
What method is used to skin scrape for Demodex?
squeeze skin while scraping, mites are deep in the hair follicle
What method is used to skin scrape for Notoedres?
same as sarcoptes
What method is used to skin scrape for Cheyletiella?
Mites are found in scales and crust
What are the different techniques for collecting samples for skin cytology?
impression smear
What are some characteristics of systemic antibiotics used to treat bacterial skin diseases?
-effective against specific bacteria
-tissue distribution to skin
-minimum side effects
-easy to give, reasonable cost to owner
-continue treatment for 1-2 weeks after clinical signs pass
Name some commonly used antibiotics used to treat skin disease that have a narrow spectrum for gram + organisms.
Name three antibiotics that are generally effective against bacterial skin disease.
TMS ( high side effects)
What antibiotic can be used to treat mixed or deep bacterial skin infections?
What are the shampoos used to treat bacterial skin disease?
benzoyl peroxide
mupiracin cream
benzoyl peroxide gel