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Moral Development
Level 1 of moral development
Premoral or preconventional
Level---1 Premoral or preconventional
Step 1

Step 2
Punishment & obediance orientation. Mostly kids

Conform to obtain rewards. Giving to recieve. (Adults)
Level---2 conventional Role-Confromity

Step 3

Step 4
Good Boy/girl Morality. conform to avoid disapproval or dislike by others.

Law and authority maintaining morality.
Level---3 Self acepted Moral contracts
step 5

step 6
individual rights conform to maintain community welfare

conform to avoid self condemnation.
self efficientcy
to feel confident about doing something
ability to bounce back, resilience, capacity for positive change.
Inborn biases
children were born w/ tendencies to respond in certain ways.
Behaviorsit- watson
believed that peoples behavior was determined by their envirnment
believe taht if your child doesnt choose to be successful it is your fault for not creating the envirnment that would make them do so.
Gasell - maturational Theory
Maturation according to Gasell reveals the natural unfolding of the plan.
Norms- G.stanley Hall
average ages at which developmental milestones are reached
G. stanley Hall
The founder of developmental psychology

studied groups of children at wide age range. Explored topics as memory conception and learning
Mid-ninteenth century
Dawn of contemporary developmental psychology
16 th century
idea of childhood was seen as a special period in which children hyad unique psychological, educational, and physical needs.
Binet developed
the IQ testing for children
_______ argued taht the experience of early childhood seemed to account for usual behavior in adults.
___________ is changes that occur because of the specific or prearranged plan
Maturational Period or Theory
Mturational Period involves
Heredity & Biology
___________ is the scientific study of age related changes in behavior, thinking and personality.
human development
__________ important changes occur during ebery period of development, these changes must be interpreted in terms of context and culture in which they occur
Lifespan perspective
age norms can lead to ageism,

in which a set of prejudicial attitudes about adults
Social learning Theory
stresses envirnmental influences and learning through interactive envirnment
Maturational Theory emphasizes
________ ______.
Biological Influences
Freud - Psychosexual theory
The idea that behavior is governed by both unconcious and concious mind.
developmental Psychology

famous for the study of child's intelligence development as well as cognitive.
most people operate on level 2 of moral reasoning.

The ability to agree to disagree.
Universal principles superseed peolpe made laws
biological changes in functioning that takes place after the point of optimal maturity
mental structure
longituding design
when a study repeatedly test the same individuals at different points in their lives.
laws of learning have difficulty explaning
language aquisitiuon
Cognitive theory expains
language development
process by which one learns the altitudes on a custom values attitudes and expectations of the culture
_______ is a process by which information presented by a person fits w/ existing structure
_________ is if new information doesnt fit w/ the existing structures the mind may change itself to accomadate the info.