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Max relocation is primary or secondary displacement?
Secondary: influenced by something else
How many mandibles are we born with?
2.. halves anyway

The two halves fuse within 1 year.
The condyle is a growth __
What Mandibular feature grows in a similar fashion to the Maxillary tuberosity?
Lingula - Lingual Tuberosity

Grows by apposition, and the jaw "juts" forward with time (protrudes).
True or False: a genetic blueprint exists in the condyle.
False, this is an old idea

So is, "the Earth is flat," but we don't have to learn that. Anyway...
The condyle lengthens in what two directions?
Upward and Backward
Despite the fact that the mandible is __, __'s Cartilage contributes to its growth initially
Meckel's Cartilage
What process is responsible for mandibular crowding?

Hint: __ of the incisors
Uprighting of the incisors.

This occurs as the chin is remodelled throughout adulthood.
What is NOT responsible for mandibular crowding?
The 3rds.
Mandibular growth is described by what Principle?
Expanding "V"
What two processes make up Remodelling?
Resorption (-)
Apposition (+)
2ndary displacement of the Max results from expansion of what structure?
Which sinus is present at birth?

Others rare.
The periosteum and endosteum are __ fields.
The periosteum is primarily __
The endosteum is primarily __
Perio: appositional
Endo: absorptive
What does the functional matrix control?
Bone growth
The mandible moves what directions for men?
Down and forward
The mandible moves what directions for women?
Down and back
How do mand incisors change in women as compared to men (age > 20yrs)?
Men: retroclined (upright)
Women: proclined
What does time T1 represent?
Max/Mand 6's erupted to occlusion
Time T4 represents what?
2nd molars erupted to occlusion
Time T7 represents what?
Permanent dent. after pubertal growth (20-24 yrs.)
What is the growth differential for Class III's?
Mand. growth > 4.3 - 8.7mm
What is the growth differential for Class II's?
Max. growth > 0.7 - 7.0mm
During T4-T7 (adolescence) it is important to determine what general trend about a patient's growth?
Vertical or Horizontal "grower"
Occlusal relationships respond in what way to adverse growth?
Occlusion will compensate for adverse growth.
Early treatment may modify growth, particularly in which arch?
What is "E Space" and why is it called this?
aka "Leeway Space"
Named for tooth #E
What is incisor liability?
Permanent incisors are wider than the primaries, so more space is needed.
Most mandibular muscles attach to what structure affecting the airway?
The hyoid
What is a lip bumper, what is its job?
It is a plastic appliance that applies outward pressure on the soft tissue (the lips).

Removes muscle action on mand centrals, which makes space.
What type of appliance would be recommended for treatment of maxillary hypoplasia?
Reverse pull headgear
Overall, it is easier to manipulate the __ than the __ arch.
Maxillary >> Mandibular

Chin cups may be attempted on mand hyperplasia.