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Weinmann-Sicher theory (1947) stated what?
Sutural expansion was responsible for downward & forward translation of viscerocranium

Slide 3: four sutures
What was the basis of JH Scott's cartilage theory?
Nasal cartilage continues to grow post-transplant.
Condylar cartilage does not.

If it continues to grow then it is a growth center.
Melvin Moss said what had absolutely nothing to do with growth?

What does?

Soft tissues such as the brain, muscles of mast. and sinuses
What are the (2) functional matrices of the Melvin Moss theory?
Periosteal matrix
Capsular matrix
Which matrices act upon skeletal units directly, through resorption and deposition.
Periosteal matrices
Which matrices act upon functional cranial components indirectly?

(by altering the volume)
Capsular matrices
Explain the Hunter-Enlow Growth Equivalent Theory
The face consists of horizontal and vertical equivalents
Ant cranial base
Maxilla and body of Mandible

What do these make up?
Horizontal Equivalent
According to Hunter-Enlow what causes malocclusion?
Max ≠ Mand growth
What four things are contiguous in the Growth Equivalent theory?
Middle Face
Upper Face
According to Growth Equivalent Theory, growth occurs where?

Four places
Growth occurs at:
- sutures
- periosteum
- endosteum
- synchondroses
Growth is a combination of what two processes?
Complex remodeling
Differentiate primary and secondary translation
Primary - change from within

Secondary - influenced by outside forces
The complex pattern of deposition and resorption taking place in the growing mandible is called the __ _ Principle.
Expanding V
True or False: It is important to wait until the permanent dentition emerges to begin orthodontic treatment.
False. The longer you can milk Mom and Dad's insurance the better!
Overall potential for growth is primarily determined by __ factors
An individual's maximum growth potential is determined by what?
The environment.
What does this creepy picture demonstrate?
Different parts of the body develop at different rates/times.
Why do orthodontists ask girls about their periods?
Menarche signifies the pubertal growth spurt.

Time elapsed since menarche predicts remaining growth.
When might you expect to see the sesamoid on a H/W radiograph of a female patient?
6 mos. post menarche
What skeletal indicator is used to determine when growth is nearly complete?
Closure of epiphyseal plates.
Height and weight measurements are important for adults, especially who?
Crusty old geezers, aka "the elderly"
How many stages of maturity are described as the CVM changes?
Five: CVM I, II, III, IV, V
How many stages of growth are there?

What are they?

A) Birth
B) Puberty
C) Adolescence
D) Young Adult
E) Adult